Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Thoughts on the World

I had a nice Thanksgiving with my brother and his family. It was fun seeing how the little ones have grown and getting caught up on their world.

* I know some of you didn't like my Ohio State posts last week. It's something I enjoy -- especially the tradition and plain old fun. Besides, I needed a break from my blood pressure running amok with all the horrors going on on the political arena. I am NOT going to have another stroke.

* DownWithTyranny's excellent post today really sums up the GOP these days. Be sure to check out this video. I'm guessing that Barbara Bush was showing a great deal of restraint in her comment here. The Barbara Bush I remember wasn't so tactful.

If y'all can stomach it, here's Sarah's reaction on Laura Ingram (who I absolutely abhor) where she trashes all and sundry.

It left me with a lot of questions and I think y'all would agree but thats another blog.

* Don't know about y'all but I lost all interest in flying anywhere due to the TSA's awful new searches. I want to hang on to the shreds of dignity I have left. It brings to mind this old song from my college days in the '60s. I still love Stephen Stills, Neil Young. Graham Nash and David Crosby.

* The Mahalblog posted this great reading list.
It's an eye opener. Also at the same site it is written very well:

"But the teabaggers, for all their outrage, aren’t cynical enough. They’re like backwoods rubes lining up to buy what the traveling snake oil salesman is selling. And at the moment they’re the useful tools helping the more pernicious malefactors of great wealth become even more inexorably institutionalized. Palin, Beck et al. are the 21st century version of Rome’s bread and circuses — although less bread, more circus."

Sigh. Or drinking the kool-aid a la the Jonestown massacre.

I can feel my BP rising so I think I'll close and figure out what I can face from my gottado list.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I always enjoy your Ohio State posts!
    Love your enthusiasm!

  2. I loved Barbara Bush's remarks. There was restraint, but we got the message. I started listening to Palin, but I had to turn it off. It just got me sick to my stomach. I needed Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young to make me feel good again.

  3. Colleen: You are a dear!!!!

    Kay: I thought old Barb spot on and I did warn you about Sarah. I do, however, you hope got far enough to hear her trash Mrs. Bush.

    Glad you liked the music. They don't make stuff like that anymore and I miss it.

  4. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I don't like Republicans and voted only for Democrats this year. Don't want to ruin my day by watching those videos!

  5. gigi: Too bad!!! You would have loves what Barbara Bush said!! I laughed soooooo hard.

  6. I could barely watch Palin...had to stop...I honestly can't stomach her at all. Loved Barbara's subtle (not really) remark. Will someone please put SP away somewhere so we don't have to put up with her utter nonsense and ridiculous ego? PLEASE!! Take care Kay... ~Joy


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