Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ohio State Is Ruling Yet Again!!!

I haven't written much about Ohio State this fall. It's a gross understatement to say Buckeyes are winning. They have soundly stomped each of their opponents so far. Our excellent quarterback, Terrelle Pryor, is in the running for the Heisman and gets better every week. And the pundits are talking National Championships and,while I don't count chickens until they hatch, I hope they're right. The hot sign reads "Beware of the Vest" in homage to Bill Tressel's sweater vests. (In fact, bookies in Columbus take bets on what color vest he'll wear on game day!) Here's a short preview clip on the 2010-2011 season. Enjoy!!!!!!!! Gooooooooooooo Bucks!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!

Kay in Toledo.


  1. Have yet to see the Bucs play this season :( but Go Bucs

  2. I wish I could have left a brilliant remark---I'm glad you know and love football so well. The only sport I could say that about would be figure-skating.

  3. I'm glad your team is doing so good. Here in Buff land they are calling for the coaches head (lol).

    He's a good coach but his system doesn't seem to be working at CU. One thing we have learned that every loss makes a victory that much sweeter :)

    Here's to our teams having a good year!!!

  4. gabbygeezer12:57 PM

    Sorry about that recent visit to Madison. For my part, I tried to do an elder Badger "jump around" at the finish. Observers said my form was pretty good, but I only got two inches off the ground. Better luck next year, Buckeyes.

  5. GFB: Thanks!!!

    Lorna: I love figure skating, too!!!

    LTTS: I hear that -- I went to Kent State and we always were hollering for the coach's head!

    GG: LOL Don't count us out yet!!! You know that one thing the Buckeyes can do is come back. I do think there was some bad scouting -- this is the best team Wisconsin has had in quite a while. That said, I like Wisconsin -- I have to. My mother is #5 of 8 kids and grew up on a dairy farm about an hour or north of Madison (and the only one who left the state) so half my family are Wisconsin fans and I maintain peace. AND wait and see what we do to that team up North.

  6. Wondered what you'd have to say about that Wisc. upset. Hope that's the only loss this yr. Think their nemesis is weak this yr but that other school in MI seems to be fairly strong.


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