Friday, September 17, 2010

Update, Assorted Nonsense and an Old Fave

Y'all prolly thought I died. The Kay has been busy with the various and sundry nonsense that permeates life in my world most of which isn't worth boring y'all!!!

* Saw Dr. Maria. She was delighted. My cholesterol dropped like the proverbial brick -- 100 points. I can't figure out why unless my morning Special K and fruit has magic powers. And that I've lost twenty pounds and am tired all the time doesn't seem to bother her. She thinks I need counseling so I'm going to be doing that and we'll see how it goes. My many past experiences with it haven't been good. I think I was just born crazy and it's been downhill ever since. Sigh.

* Speaking of Special K, my grocer had it on sale 4 for $10 and you got a free workout video to make a gal "runway ready". Uh-huh. Another old lady was buying the same and picked up her video and grimaced and then laughed like hell when I said, "Good idea!" And I told her that I was taking it 'cause I'd get tired just watching it and maybe it would help my insomnia. She answered, "Good plan!!! Thanks!!"

* I think I mentioned that the ex's girlfriend/roommate died suddenly. Yesterday morning *I* got a call asking to speak to the person handling her estate. I freaked. I explained who I was and that I had absolutely nothing to do with her estate. I gave him my ex's number and he still wouldn't back off so I hung up. I talked to my ex tonight and he guessed what the deal was and I think I should have gotten hthe guy's name, company and number so I could sue the hell out of them. I suspect what he did was illegal as hell under federal law. I called the ex later and told him about it and to handle it. It really annoys me. I hardly knew her and it's not my business. I swear that I'm going to move away from here.

* Have been hanging out at campaign heasquarters a lot. It's a tough campaign and there's always a mailing or data entry to do. The Teabaggers are rampant here. I echo Ronni Bennett's sentiments about elders who are supporting them.
I frankly don't want my grandchildren's future compromised.

* Speaking of Teabaggers -- and I'd rather not -- there was a march in Delaware that left me laughing. It protests newly elected Christine O'Donnell's stance on an intensely personal issue. You can read it here. It made me laugh and if you take exception to my posting the link, sorry. Be nice.

* I wish I could afford to be in D.C. on October 30th to join Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert for their rallies on the National Mall. I think it will be a lot more fun -- not to mention more credible -- than another recent rally (and y'all know who led that one) held there and make a lot more sense.

* AND Jon Stewart also had an excellent interview with Bill Clinton on fixing this country. It actually made sense. All I want to know is if he has discussed this with Obama and other decision-makers and if not, why not?

* This oldie's been rattling around my poor muddled brain this week and yeah, Aretha still rocks!!!!!

I gave myself tonight off and plan to watch a movie or two and try to get caught up on y'all. And oh yeah, I'm going to take a stab at getting organized. LOL

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. The O'Donnell link is hilarious. I also wish I could attend one or both of those rallies!! LOL

    Too had about that phone call. In hind sight, you would have been smart to get the guy's name and number (assuming he'd tell the truth.)

  2. You're our own "Special Kay."

  3. Can that O'Donnell link be true? Either way, it's funny!

  4. Judy: Indeed!!! And I think John and Steven are holding the rallies simutaneously. It should be a hoot. AND I can still get the info I think.

    Colleen: Awwwwwwwww shucks!

    Betty: I think so. Frankly, I would have gone outta sheer cussedness.

  5. Anonymous2:27 AM

    You're so funny, Kay, even in the midst of adversity. I've got to go read what Ronni wrote about the Tea Party.

  6. what a fantastic post!!
    so much good stuff

    did you see the article that says O'Donnell has practiced witchcraft in the past? Not that I cre about that, I just love these judgy folks who turn out to be bat sh*t crazy

    our local Tea Party is all over the place too, it makes me sad and nervous

    as for counseling - keep trying to find someone you click with - don't be afraid to drop them until you find the right person

    you're so wonderful :)

    Hope sends hugs

  7. I always have a fabulous time with your blog posts and come away laughing, smiling, nodding my head. Glad you are sharing and that you care as much as we all need to about the future. I am with you (and Ronnie and many others) on the nonsense and short term mentality that I see everywhere.

    We are going to try to make it to the DC Rally. I will certainly let you know! :)

    Hope your energy levels come back into balance, glad the cholesterol is down! Take care, Kay.

  8. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I'd be there fo rthe rallies if I could, too. I wish there were some other way to be there.

  9. Anonymous12:15 PM

    The last rally I attended was in 1971 -- at the White House, where thousands protested the Vietnam War. What a long time ago!

  10. Fran: Someone wiser than I wrote: "If I may laugh at any living thing, it's only to keep from crying." You're talking to the girl who asked, as she was lying in ER and was told that she had a fractured neck, "They shoot horses, don't they?"

    Dianne: Thanks! Yeah, Christine is a nut job like her buddy Sarah. And yeah, I know about choosing a counselor. Been there done that more than once. Hugs back to Hope.

    Wild: Thanks!!! I want my grands to have a good future AND since the women in my family seem to live long, I gotta think about me! lol How I envy you going to the rally!!!! I think it will be the party of the year!

    AITBR: I agree!! See what I said to Wild. I think it will be a hoot!!!! I also think there will be more people there than the Teabaggers mustered!

  11. Gigi: Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes -- those were the days. This one sounds like more fun!

  12. 100 points???!!! That is phenomenal! I am so jealous! Mine is staying the same... borderline. However, my triglycerides went up. My nurse practitioner was quite concerned. I should be watching my weight more.

    I love Jon Stewart, too. I wish I could be at the rally.

  13. You are wonderful!!!! Keep us posted. :)

  14. Hang in there, kid. Cholesterol drop that drastic ain't normal, and you seem to have a handle on that.

    Sounds like your endocrine system needs alignment. Get you thyroid levels rechecked, too. But, you've probably already figured this out as well.

    Besides, we're ALL some degree of crazy, no?

  15. I hope the Tea Baggers get ALL their candidates elected in the primaries and to run against the Dems. It will be like having to run against Bozo the Clown. Even the conservatives are starting to break out in a cold sweat.

  16. I went to several of Wadhington rallies in the 60's, and they blend together in my memory. They were serious events and exhilarating,too.
    I think the million moderates idea is good, and adding humor to the proceedings is a great idea. The Teapartiers are funny, but only unintentionally.

  17. I knew ya was okay cuz you are a good ol gal.I always enjoy your postings

  18. I hear you! The tea party movement's excess coverage is almost getting me depressed these days. So much I keep wondering what country could I afford to move to that would have me and I'd be able to afford. And could I take my grandkids along--with their parents of course. I know how much I can or can't handle and it's getting bad out there. If I could I'd pay your way and OUR way to the Stewart/Colbert rally next month. It would be a helluva weekend even if it changes nothing!

  19. Good to hear from you, and that you are ok. The Tea Party makes me nervous based on the fact that Palin has so many people who think she is great. I think it is going to be a bumpy ride!

  20. Kay, You seem to be holding up democracy for the rest of us by pushing papers & what-not at campaign headquarters. Thanks so much.

    By the way, I'd never heard of canned rhubarb till your note on my blog. Sounds icky and not startling and tart like the real stuff.


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