Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!

Today is our country's birthday. And despite my cynicism about how things are of late, I found a message of hope in my email this morning that expresses my thoughts quite well. Thanks, Russ!!!!!

I hope y'all have a wonderful day with those you love and who love you back!!!!

I've been busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow I jump on a big silver bird and head home to Ohio to continue the busyness of life in Kay's world these days. Jeff and Shaughn will driving back later this week. It's been a good trip but I look forward to returning to what passes for normal in Kay's World.

Here is a wonderful video that features one of my heroes that expresses a lot of what I believe. May we all take a moment to remember the principles upon which our country was founded as well as a moment to say a prayer for our troops.

Hope y'all have a great day!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    Wonderful video. How sad that the first part included a warning that racist comments won't be approved. Unbelievable.....

    Hope your Fourth is wonderful.

  2. Hugs to you and thanks so much for your notes. Glad it was a good trip too. :)

  3. I agree whole heartedly with Russell King's views regarding this truly unique place we call the United States of America.

    I would add that those millions of us who do not accept the existence of any form of deity are no less patriotic than those who choose to.

  4. I always like Ray's version of that song.

    Glad to know you've had a good trip; get home safely.

  5. Anonymous2:32 PM

    What? Your Florida trip was way too short! But, I hope you now will be able to post more.

  6. Hope you had a great day Kay

  7. AITBR: Indeed. I think it's time for a certaim element in this country to grow up.

    Maggie: Thank you!!!! My days need more hours and my old body needs more energy!

    Robert: I'm glad you enjoy Russ' commentatary. The beauty of of our country is our Consitution stating that ALL men are created equal. That race and religious hate prejudice are still rampant is an insult to their sacrifices and the lovely legacy they left us. I think you know that I am tolerant of everyone's beliefs (or lack thereof) and my only prejudices are against of prejudice any stripe and stupidity.

    Judy: Thanks!!!!! I'll be fine.
    Can't wait to get home.

    Gigi: Yup! Too short but nice will be back again though. Gonna be busy here, too!!!!

    Jams: I hope you did, too!!!!

  8. Happy 4th back at you :)
    Have a safe trip back home, will be looking forward to your next post

  9. Happy 4th back at you :)
    Have a safe trip back home, will be looking forward to your next post

  10. It's the perfect day to see America. Travel safe!

  11. Travel home safely the video. Glad your trip was a good one.... ~Joy

  12. Sanibel Island must have been so nice and relaxing. Thanks for the clip by Ray Charles – one of my all time favorites and I mean it as I still have 45s records of him from France that I purchased in 1960! I saw him live in Atlanta. He was a beautiful person and America is a wonderful song.

  13. LTTS: Thank you!!! It was fine. There's something to be said for flying first class.

    Marty: Indeed!!!!

    Joy: It's my favorite patriotic song and I love the passion Ray has when he sings it.

    Vagabonde: Sanibel is one of my favorite places so going there is always a delight. I am a long time Ray Charles fan, too and I think this is one of his best!!!!

  14. I see you are back home now and -Wow - you flew first class. Now that's living. I am glad you had this nice time out from the hectic pace you have been on. I hope your batteries are recharged now.

  15. I totally understand looking forward to the normalcy of home. And, it's true, there's no place like home! And in the bigger picture:
    God bless the USA!!


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