Thursday, April 15, 2010

This and That and Then Some

I was up too late watching "African Queen" and "Notorious" last night. They don't make movies or actors like that anymore. I didn't need Cary and Ingrid to take off their clothes to know what was in their hearts -- old Hitch made it very clear. And Bogart and Miss Katherine weathered their perilous trip with nary a cuss word. Amazing. As a result of this frivolity, I awakened to the phone ringing and answered to hear, "Hey!!!! Shaughnessy and I just passed the Dover exit and will be at your place in twenty-five minutes!!!" Yikes!!!! I took a quick shower and got dressed even quicker and was waiting as he and Shaughn arrived. One of these days that dog is going to flatten me when he greets me. I'm the only one he jumps on. Sigh. Jeff announced that we were going to drop Shaughn off at his house, check things and go to lunch at Bender's -- so much for my plans to get this post up sooner. He says I'm not spontaneous enough. I said, "So sue me!" but postponed a couple errands until later. Lunch/dinner/whatever at Bender's is a dining delight.

* I had to go to the Deputy Registar's office this afternoon to renew my driver's license. I was pleasantly surprised to be served almost immediately because it's always a busy busy place. I was delighted that I passed the eye test without glasses and that the photo was okay (and doesn't look like it belongs on the Post Office wall) and I realized, as I was signing and dating the form, that it was Tax Day and commented that was why they weren't busy. The young lady laughed and agreed. As I paid the $26.50, I mentioned that my first license only cost $3.00. She laughed again.

* One of the newest additions to my blogroll is Russ' Filtered News. It's really excellent blog and always well-documented and speaks to all of who feel vaguely uncomfortable with politics today. This post recalls a time when the Republican Party had honor and integrity. I remember those days. I will add that the Democrats aren't what they used to be either. I think y'all will find it interesting. Sigh.

* Tuesday was Dr. Maria and it was an okay visit. She rearranged my meds and told me to give another med a tryout. She sorta looked askance that I've lost weight and wants me back in two months. Sigh. (Jeff commented on my weight, too, today -- like I don't notice that my jeans are looser.)

* Keith Olbermann exposes some disturbing info re: The Tea Party Express:

Well the phone just rang and Jeff is heading in my direction in a half hour so we can go get a sandwich and a brew. God knows where he'll drag me tomorrow. Sigh.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Anonymous11:57 PM

    You have such a busy life! I hope that you are enjoying all of it....spontaneous or not! Take care of yourself and enjoy the weekend.

  2. Anonymous2:06 AM

    I am not spontaneous enough, either. I prefer to organize my time. Don't know why.

    Have fun with Jeff. He seems like a nice guy.

  3. AITBR: Jeff is the spontaneous one -- he drags me out kicking and screaming. The man does not listen.
    I'm mostly home usually.

    Gigi: I prefer organized, too, but Jeff thinks I'm supposed to drop everything for him. He's an only child and his sainted mother, Brigid the Fair, and Big Alec, his dad, spoiled him terribly.

  4. Interesting article on Russ' Filtered News and comments about evolution of the Republican party. I am former GOP myself, last voted for Ronald Reagan before feeling like I had been "had". I have heard others say they did not leave the Republican party, the party left them! I share that sentiment.

    Back then we had GOP leadership who could be called statesmen rather than politicians; men like Wayne Morse, succeeded by Bob Packwood. I don't think even Richard Nixon would recognize today's Republican Party.

    When I was a kid, the Southern US was mostly Democrat, I recall the term "Dixiecrats" used occasionally. Then about the time of the civil rights movement, there was a polar shift... now those same Southern states are predominantly Republican.

    I agree... the Dems have some baggage - wanting to impeach Bush, for example. Where we are going to end up is anyone's guess.

  5. I hope you had a lovely time with Jeff.

  6. Robert: Glad you enjoyed Russ' blog. I am an independent. I was taught by my dad to vote for the best man (or woman) for the job and that's what I do. I still believe that there are men and women of good faith and conscience (as well as nut cases) on both sides of the aisle -- the trick is sorting them out. And yeah, I remember the Dixiecrats like Strom Thurmond.

    I guess I'm a skeptic, too, but I think that's a good thing because it makes a body think.

  7. I have to renew my license before early June. It will cost me $75.00, and I can remember that my first one was free. Gotta get a new picture this year too. All my ID photos have grey hair and glasses now. Luckily I still have my teeth.

  8. It is good to know that you are out and about and with people!! Have fun.

  9. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Wow you're running a hectic sked as moi. Have fun with Jeff and have a nice weekend to both of you!

  10. It always seems like your days are hectic and crazy Kay. Maybe you do best with a lot going on.

    Oh those awful driver's license photos..EEK! You take good photos sweetie...I'm sure yours was very good.

    Hope you had a good time with Jeff...and have a great weekend. ~Joy

  11. Kay,

    Is it possible to see African Queen if you are flipping through channels and NOT watch it?

    It just draws you in!!!!

    I can hear the motor on that boat now!!!!


  12. Joy: The funny part is I go days without the phone ringing and not moving my car then, just when I have a few things going, everything goes crazy. And no, it isn't a good photo -- but I don't look like a convicted felon. LOL
    I've two hours until the craziness starts today.

    John: No, it is not -- if you're over 50. The youguns don't appreciate Bogart.

  13. Lorna: $75? Yikes!!!! And yeah we're all getting ancient!

    Judy: This too shall pass!

    Charles: But I'm too old for all this!!!!!

  14. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may. Have fun with Jeff and just relax and let it flow.

    I missed this video of Keith's; thank you. I wrote about the Tea Party today.


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