Saturday, March 20, 2010

Random Saturday Thoughts Amid Chaos

Don't be surprised if I'm not tracking well today -- it's been that kind of week. And if you have a quick fix for straightening one's sleep patterns, I want/need to know desperately!!!!!

* As usual, taking pictures didn't go well at the celebration last week. I dropped my camera and some are missing. I consider it a miracle that I have any at all and that my camera survived. We were disappointed that my nephew, Matt, wasn't in attendance but I'm guessing that he had to work. Here's a photo of Mike and his family after the ceremonies. Please note that we don't use the 'step' prefix in our family. Left to right: Shannon, my niece; Brianna, my adorable grandniece; Mike, my big little brother, holding Sarah, my other adorable grandniece; and Karen, my sweet sister-in-law. Mike loves little ones and looks forward to getting re-acquainted with his girls.

* All I can say about the healthcare bill at this point is what Andrew Sullivan has been saying for weeks: "Pass. The. Damn. Bill." Yeah, the public option would be nice but we have to start somewhere. And besides, the Senate is taking another look at the public option so it isn't dead yet -- unless it's just another cruel trick by our employees. Yes, they are our employees and I am not pleased with them and tell them, too. I recommend that y'all do the same.

* Wicked Politician of the Week: Senator Dan Riehl of California for his absolutely sick and twisted blog post. I think he needs to be fired or sued or both. And the Republican Party needs to do some talking to some of these venomous creatures in their party.

* Good Politician of the Week: State Representative W. Scott Oelslager for the interest he has taken in my dental/Medicaid woes. He does what our representatives are supposed to do: help his constituents. Isn't that why we elect them? And yeah, he's a Republican who is well-respected by everyone in our county.

* St. Paddy's was sorta nice. I ate my corned beef and cabbage like a good girl and washed it down with a wee pint which will hopefully will bring some good luck. Jeff called to wish me greetings of the day and to tell me that he and Shaughnessy will be back here by my birthday. Right.

* My needlepoint project was a waste of time. It looks okay but it doesn't work for the purpose I intended. Sigh. On the other hand, I enjoyed doing it which tells me I need to get to doing artsy craftsy stuff.

* Has anybody but me noticed how many old people are at the Teabaggers' rallies? And none have read the bill and all think their health care will be taken away. Excuse me? Did the Tooth Fairy bring their Medicare? She didn't bring mine. There's video here of the last Teabagger rally before the bill if your blood pressure can take it. I'm so tired of their crap, it hardly raised mine.

* From my Some-People-Have-Too-Much-Free-Time Department: Here's a video that left me laughing and marveling at the brain that produced it. Warning: it's a tad bawdy.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I can't even take the Hunorous look at these people....Not only my Blood Pressure can't take---there is, more to the point, my Stomach...They both turn my stomach to the point of Naseum....!
    OY VEY!

  2. Anonymous10:44 PM

    32 Democrats say they will vote No on the health bill. Republicans say they need 38 Democrats to vote No to defeat the bill.

    If the bill passes despite all of this negativity, it will be a major accomplishment. I just hope it helps me and David should David lose his job.

  3. Today's a big day. Let's hope the bill comes through. It would have been nice if a few of the Repulicans, those that worked on the bill, as well as a few who read it, could vote yes. Now, that would have been historical.

    My work contract ran out in January and I don't know how I would feel if, on top of all the other worries, I still didn't have health insurance. Scary reality for many on your side of the ocean.

  4. we don't use the "step" thought either.

    Family gatherings always leave me wondering where my camera is, even though I'm the mawkish people person. the photos I have are precious though.

    Yes, pass the damn bill---I can't understand why people are frightened of it, but that's because I've been the grateful benefactor of socialized medicine for all my adult life. Being sick is bad enough; being poor because of it is beyond my comprehension

  5. I've got my fingers crossed on the Health Bill Kay...geesh, we need something to go right. Love the photo of your brother and his family.

    I have given you an award Kay...and so HAPPY to do it. Please stop by my place and pick it's well-deserved. Love, Joy


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