Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tuesday Random Thoughts

My brain has been on override. So much is happening in this country and my world that my thinking cap has been getting a serious workout.

* Another 6-10 inches of snow are headed this way as I type. We aren't dug out from the last one yet. Sigh. And I should be joining the throng at the grocery store to whine about the weather but I don't feel like it.

* Jeff apologized -- profusely -- and a long discussion was held. I have a dozen roses and was taken out for dinner last night -- gotta appreciate a man who realizes that he was inconsiderate. The cancelled party has been re-scheduled for this Friday and I'll get to wear my new dress -- I hope. Who knows how much more snow we'll have dumped on us?

* Weird: I saw the endocrinologist yesterday. I like that office. They are nice, well-organized and thorough. It was interesting but it left me confused. All my levels were normal but the nodules are still very much with me and I'm still tired all the time. What does this mean? More tests!!!! I'm so tired of tests.

* Speaking of tests, I had to cancel my test for my endoscopy next week. I simply couldn't find anyone who would take me and bring me home so I postponed it indefinitely. Funny because I say yes when asked and have gone so far as to re-arrange things for others. I wasn't about to ask Jeff to stay a couple extra days. That would have been rude.

* Jeff is taking Shaughnessy to Florida next Monday and thinks I need to go with them. I think not. While I'd love to see his dad who has pretty much decided to sell his house here, I really think it's best that I stay put because I couldn't get home for six weeks when he returns.

* Colleen over at Santiago Dreaming echoed my sentiments that the Colts belong in Baltimore in comments here yesterday. The Irsey family literally slapped the loyal fans in Baltimore in the face despite their loyalty to the Colts. As a NE Ohioan, I understand this all too well. Art Modell did almost the same thing to us with the Browns. When I think of the Colts, I recall being in a bar in the Baltimore airport on a layover in when the Colts kicked the winning field goal in the Super Bowl!!!! Sheer joy and pandemonium!!!!!

* This is a Teabagger. Can y'all tell me what's wrong with the picture below? I listened to Tom Tancredo and Sarah Palin's speeches and I'm scared. There was a mentality there that went out with the '57 Chevy. I wanted to slap both of them. Keith Olbermann weighed in humorously. Give this movement an inch and we'll have cross burnings on the White House lawn. I do think it's pretty nasty and hypocritical that Sarah called out Rahm Emmanual for using the 'R' word but not Rush Limbaugh. Can you say 'hypocritical'? Frankly, I'm tired of her using her children as props for her agenda. If I were the mother of a special needs child, I wouldn't be trotting him around the country; I would be giving him the special care he needs and deserves.

Time to put the Thinking Cap back on the shelf. I have to get ready for the blizzard. Sigh.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. bummer on not feeling well as I know how that feels as I haven't felt so great myself this week. Some is stress though as our daughter in law had to have surgery for gallstones which was important but has had us more busy than usual with helping out.

    It's too bad you don't feel free to go to Florida. Six weeks in the sun might be a very healthy thing for you and especially with people you care about. I think it could be good for you especially if Ohio is due for more snow.

    We just began lambing, first ones came yesterday; so busy time on many counts here but I'd love to go south right about now :)

  2. I agree with you about Sarah Palin and the Teabaggers. They are scary, because they are getting so much encouragement from so many Republicans with their own agendas.

  3. Anonymous5:39 PM

    You are a very good thinker, Kay. Excellent post!

  4. If you had gone to Florida you would have gotten away from ALL that snow but let me tell you - many mornings I have had to put on the heat - by noon it might get into the 60's.

    That's a lot better than what you have but still ....

    I hope your people took some warm clothes with them - they will need them!!

  5. Isn't that picture of the tea bagger a hoot? He doesn't even know how ironic it is for him to spell moron wrong.

    I agree that, if at all possible, you should go to Florida. There is nothing like a change of scene to make you feel better.

  6. Rain: Sorry your going through a tough time. As to Florida, I could probably go but it would open some issues I'd rather not address. Awwwwwwww I love lambs -- thet are so precious but a lot of work. One of my uncles raised sheep.

    Betty: Indeed!!! And they are dumb, too.

    Gigi: Thanks!!!

    Millie: I know it's warmer ans I do like the Gulf coast a lot but there are other issues.

    Darlene: Bingo!!! I don't call people names I can't spell that no one told him about it, says a lot.
    I'm not going -- too complicated to explain.

  7. i'm with darlene...GO TO FLORIDA!!!

  8. Sorry, you are low energy and really sorry that you have to have more tests.

    I hope you can get someone to take you to that appt.

    The Reps are using Palin, they'll throw her away very soon and she'll be back at home where she belongs.

    I love watching Payton Manning, he is a wonderful quarterback. We were fans of his when he was in college. Don't get me started about owners, we are Raider fans and Al Davis just keeps doing the strangest things with the team :)

    Its been snowing here too. But one thing about Colorado, just wait a day and the sun will come out. The boys have been driving me nuts today. Archimedes is a sun worshipper and he wants the sun now. He'll have to wait till tomorrow like the rest of us :)

    Take care

  9. I know doctors are advising against them, but I say go to a tanning salon and take a sunbath every other week or so. I'll bet you have a vitamin D deficiency.

  10. Palin's jab to Obama about asking if he was still changey and hopey made my stomach turn.

    Doesn't your town have medical transport reasonably for senior or ill people who can't get somewhere on their own? Locally, and in the towns where my sisters live, we have great med transport. If you need an endoscopy, don't put it off, Kay.

  11. M.E.: Not happening!!!!

    LTTS: Tests are my life -- or so it seems. I don't cheer for the Colts. When Mike Doss (who is from my town was with them, I'd tease him about it. I think Sarah even scares the GOP. Word has come out that they didn't vet her thoroughly.

    Hattie: I take mega doses of vitamin D because it was low. Tanning beds scare me.

    Fran: The doc wants someone who actually cares about you who will see that you get in your home okay and will help if needed. The good news is I'm going to reschedule when the weather eases up because a friend I didn't ask because he looks after his dad a lot said he would take me.

  12. Sorry you are feeling so punk...Do take it easy with this NEW Blizzard on the way....
    I muat say, Florida sounds ideal considering that the winter where you are just isn't letting up...! Maybe you should re-consider, my dear.

    The Tea Baggers scare the hell out of me, too, and the mentality of those who follow these people...Truly Frightening!

  13. Stay safe in the ice and snow. It has to end sometime.

  14. Sorry for you with all that snow,Kay.My son in Maryland is snowed under.Having spent winters here in the Nort he knows how to deal with it.

    One thing to remember. You shouldn't see any there in June.

  15. sorry the testing didn't make you any wiser to what's happening -- I can understand you feeling discouraged about that --- medicine is still not really a science, and we're lucky to find a doctor that still understands the "art" part of it

    I agree with you about the teapartiers -- they are indeed a very scary bunch -- they should have been really honest and issued hoods when they went into the convention

  16. Moran tug company is a really good one. :) And yes, your body might really appreciate the warmth of the sun. Ask your doc what he thinks.

    What a luscious apology.

  17. Sarah Palin gives me a giant headache. She reminds me of Paris Hilton. Cute, but pointless on the national scene. I wonder why they're famous.

    I hope the storm treats you kindly!


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