Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Crazy Day

I awakened this morning to hear that Buckeye Chuck saw his shadow as did Punxatawney Phil. Many thanks to all y'all for reporting your local prognosticators' prophecies.

As I was crunching my cornflakes the phone rang and it was Jeff telling me that he couldn't get up here in time to go to Punxatawney but that he would be arriving in the late afternoon and would I please meet him at the airport. Yikes!!!! I thought he was joking when he said he'd be on the next flight. Subsequently, I went and got Shaughnessy from the kennel and he was incredibly glad to see me and I him. We went to Jeff's and got the heat turned up after a stop at the grocer for dog food and milk. We then went to my house and took a walk and waited for time to go get Jeff -- Shaughn was not fun because he gets impatient when waiting for his daddy. LOL

I kept checking arrivals for his flight -- it was almost an hour late and we finally got to go get Jeff. My timing was fine and I made it in time so I was waiting at the ramp when Jeff arrived in laughter mode with a big hug for me. All he had was a carry-on so we skipped the mess waiting for luggage. When we got to my car, I caught hell for not bringing his car. Shaughnessy doesn't like Miss Ruby's back seat but I hate driving other people's cars. He dropped me off at my house and took Shaughn home and changed clothes and came back to get me so we could go to dinner.

We went to dinner downtown at my absolute favorite restaurant and the owner was there giving us hell because he hasn't seen us in an eon and asked when we were getting married -- like we haven't said "Never!" a couple thousand times. We stopped at the pub after dinner for a couple drinks and to see who was hanging out before heading back here to talk a while, get caught up and laugh at our long ago trip to see Phil.

He's going back to Florida next week with Shaughn and his car and will be back in April so we'll hang out the next few days which means I won't get anything done with him around. LOL

This song sorta sums up our over 40-year friendship and I've always liked it.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. He's taking Shaughnessy to Florida!?! Next thing you know Jeff is going to turn you into a snow bird!

  2. How lovely to hear. Enjoy it.

  3. AQ: Shaughn's been to Florida before -- he likes to see Jeff's Dad. And no, I can't afford to be a snowbird. You know I won't do that.

    Rain: The man is nuts.

  4. Enjoy yourself for the next few days but don't forget your blogging friends, We'll be here when Jeff is gone.

  5. Once I had a relationship like that, and a friend commented: "John's the perfect man. Always gone!"

    I didn't quite see it that way, but yours sounds like a wonderful, satisfying arrangement.

  6. Linda: He's fun while he's around. I won't see him that much -- we both have stuff to do but dinner out every night will be fun.

    20thCW: We're just best friends.
    It's all there's ever been. If we ever married, we'd kill each other.

  7. Anonymous1:45 PM

    This is my husband's favorite song. We have it on Carole King's Tapestries CD.

    Aw, too bad you two are not married. Best friends always make the best spouses!

  8. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Having a great best friend is a wonderful thing. You're very lucky!


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