Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Observation

I've been thinking a lot about what I've been reading in the press about what's been going on in this country. That said, I'd just like to issue a reminder that it's only been a mere year since Barack Obama took office. Yeah, the buck stops at his office but remember that Congress has dragged its feet about getting through legislation and programs that could ease some of the problems we're having. We didn't get here overnight -- and recovery from George W. Bush is going to take a while. (ancient joke: What's the opposite of PROgress? CONgress!)

I'm hearing and reading that many are ready to throw Obama under the bus. I'm not totally thrilled with a lot of things either but a body can only accomplish so much when he's met with such opposition. Tell your Congress Critters to get off their you-know-whats and DO SOMETHING TO HELP US -- the ordinary people who elected them.

I, frankly, would love to turn off the news and forget it but right now my livelihood (and that of millions of others) is at stake and I'm scared as hell.

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  1. I gotta tell you I'm tired of people being so down on Obama right now. Did they forget how he came in, what a mess there was? And now he's going to have trouble with health care because of Massachusetts. Sheesh! How can be accomplish things with his hands constantly being tied?

  2. If the Democrats had been more gutsy and dealt with the power they did have, the issue of Massachusetts wouldn't matter. They keep saying how many people don't like the current health care proposal and assume they mean they want nothing done. Reality is many of them wanted the single payer or at least a viable public option and they get lumped in with those who have their insurance and don't care about anybody else.

    I feel as you said, he hasn't had long and the messes are up to the mountaintop with a group of people in this country who are secretly racist and you hear it in what they say but they try to put frosting over the mess under it. It's a time that I feel very worried about also and sure don't think Republicans have any answer except destroy our school system and the structure that currently helps a lot of people to live. What they would have next they don't even know but they listen to fox or the like and just want to go back to what was except nobody goes back and forward has a lot of problems they would ignore.

  3. I'm heart sick over the situation in our country. I'm not disappointed in Obama but I am severely disappointed in the American people.

  4. Anonymous1:29 PM

    sooo sad that the Massachusetts senator seat went to the GOP!!!

  5. I, frankly, would love to turn off the news and forget it but right now my livelihood (and that of millions of others) is at stake and I'm scared as hell.

    Feeling the same way as you do, Kay.

  6. According to the fair and balanced reporting of Fox News, the people have spoken. Sara Palin would just like us all to work together, and I am about to throw up. You will never hear the Radical Right talk about Halburton and the rest of the shady deals that happened with the Bush administration. According to Fox news all the bad stuff came when Obama took office.

    Kay, I got on such a rant that I forgot to tell you I gave you an award over at my site this afternoon. Come see!

  7. Glad to find all the sanity over here. I just spent some time with people who feel that their lives are failing because of "those people." We do need to take a close look at our own opinions and assumptions, though. San Francisco is such an example of a place that seems liberal on the surface but really isn't. As the Mayor himself says. Why the mayor was taken in I don't know. I grew up in the Bay Ara and most of the people I knew were reactionaries. Berkeley liberals are a small minority. With most people it comes down to the well being of themselves and their in group.

  8. Kay: I agree. We didn't get in this overnight so fixing it will take time. AND a President can't do much without Congress.

    Rain: As usual, you are right on and I agree with all my heart!

    Linda: You have put the blame exactly where it belongs.

    Gigi: Indeed!

    Colleen: Is there really anywhere else to be?

    Maria: And we all know that Fox News, the comedy division of TV journalism, is always right. NOT! lol

    Hattie: You are right! Until we the people stop sitting back and
    take a stand, the idiots will keep us in their thrall. The Silent Majority is alive and well.

  9. The whole health-care situation now is making me sick. I'm afraid that they're going to drop the ball entirely and pass a bill that's like a Hello-Kitty bandaid on a bleeding artery. I'm so tired of the elected officials who are so scared to stand for something they just sit on their cans. I could rant all night (and probably will.)

  10. Anonymous8:28 PM

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