Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Couple Quick Notes

I've been sleeping a lot between trying to catch up on email and get around to see y'all and other nonsense. Of course this is all taking infinitely longer than I thought -- not unusual for the Kay.

* A heartfelt thanks to all y'all for your for your wonderful, lovely comments on my return!!!! It meant a great deal to me.

* Today was Trick-or-Treat in the 'Hood and I had to put on my glorious witch hat and greet and treat the lil' darlings! One of my neighbors got testy with me about calling our area "the 'Hood." I just laughed. One of the things I learned when I worked at the community center in one of the worst areas in our city was that wherever you live -- good or bad -- is your 'hood. Makes perfect sense to me. I like my 'hood! And yeah, we had it early of a big high school football rivalry. I didn't lie when I said here that football rules in this town.

* I got suckered in to re-opening my Facebook page which y'all know I "love". They sent an email saying that someone tried to get into my account which set me a-cussin' and when I re-opened it, as near as I can tell, they opened it for me because I couldn't find anything amiss. I honestly think those so and sos did it themselves. That said, I'm back there and if you want to 'friend' me, I'll be happy to accept just -- send a note and tell me who you are if you use a different name for blogging. AND I put a widget in the sidebar and you can just click to see me there. And yeah. I still can't see the point of it anymore than I can see the point of Twitter.

* I was checking my bank statement and nearly died of shock -- amazing how when a body doesn't go anywhere or do anything the money that's sitting there! In the last three months I've used less than a half tank of gas. Miss Ruby must feel abandoned but she hasn't said a word and feels just fine on the occasions I drive.

* I love my Neflix. Last week I had Season 2 of "Saving Grace". The week before I had Season 1. It was cool to see them in order and catch on episodes I may have missed. I think this week Season 3 is coming. I think I'm going to do NCIS in order, too.

* Y'all know that I'm an inveterate bargain hunter if you read here enough. Frugality is almost my favorite sport. I had to be near the Salvation Army Store the other day so I stopped by and found SEVEN brand new hardcover books by favorite writers at $1.50 each!!!!! 'Wayyyyy cooooooool!

* If no one else missed me during my hiatus, eBay did as there were a stack of emails imploring me to come back. Also, it's an indicator of how lousy I've felt. When I don't at least browse eBay once a week, something is definitely out of kilter.

Well. I'm tired again and need to get some more sleep. Hopefully. I'll get over this soon.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I'm a Craigslist fan myself. I haven't learned how to do e-Bay and maybe that's a good thing. Glad to have you back, Kay. We'll be having trick or treat this coming weekend in Hawaii.

  2. Hi, Kay,
    The only real point to Facebook was the number of family and friends I found already subscribed. Then I got sucked into a couple of games. I will try to break your score on Math Lines if I can get back onto it. How about getting into Farmville and becoming my neighbor?

  3. I seldom go on ebay, since I am afraid I'll find something I can't live without. I do wish I knew how to sell on it, though. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Hey sweetie. check your email. hugs~a

  5. I'm so glad you're back and hope you will be feeling top of the world soon.

  6. Hi Kay
    Boy am I glad to see you posting again!!!

    I missed ya a whole bunch!

  7. Good to see you back and blogging Kay, but just take it easy sweetie. So glad you're feeling better. Hey, you'll be all done with Trick-or-Treating before we even start this weekend...Happy Halloween sweetie... Hugs, Joy

  8. Kay: eBay is excellent! If you want/need it -- they got it abd cheap!!! I started with buying small things and learned the ropes. Fortunately, I'm too poor to make huge mistakes. In fact, I'm so good at eBay, I should scribble some notes to help others. A lot of people are scared of it but if a body is careful, you can win every time.

    Mary: You beat me!!!! And I'll get you my pretty . . . LOL

    Judy: There are tutoials on that at the site. They are good at protecting both the seller and the buyer. I stopped abd thought and I've been doing business on eBay for 9 years now and haven't had a major problem.

    Annie: I did! Thank you!!!

    Darlene: You are a doll! Thanks!!!

    GFB: Awwww ya big sweetie!! I'll be by to see y'all soon!!! Hope you're being good to your lovely missus!

    ((((Joy)))): Glad to be back and still love ya!

  9. I like what I've read here today. You sound so much more like your old self. I envy you the eBay savvy, 'cause you're right; if you know the ropes you can get fantastic deals there. I'm on Facebook but I don't know why. I just don't have time for all the games and what else is there!? If you ever figure it out, tell me wouldja?


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