Monday, August 24, 2009

It's the Groaner of the Week!!!!!!!!!!

My memory is shaky at best these days and I could have sworn on a stack of Bibles that today's offering from deep with the archives had appeared here already but I guess it didn't. I did a search and it didn't appear soooooooo here's a truly stellar groooaaannnnn to start your week AND y'all get to sing!!!!!!! And y'all know how I love it when y'all sing!!!!!!

Larry Lobster and Sam Clam were best friends. They did everything together. The only difference between them was that Larry was the nicest lobster ever, and Sam, well let's just be kind and say that he was not so virtuous. Larry and Sam did so much together that they even died together. Larry went to heaven and Sam went to hell.

One day Saint Peter came up to Larry and said, "Larry, you know you are the nicest lobster we ever had up here. Everyone likes you, but you seem to be a bit depressed. Tell me what's bothering you. Maybe I can help."

Larry replied, "Well, don't get me wrong, Pete. I like it up here and everything, but I really miss my good friend Sam Clam. We used to do everything together."

Saint Peter pitied Larry and said, "I tell you what. I can arrange it so that you can go down to hell tomorrow and visit Sam for twenty-four hours. How does that sound?" This made Larry very happy.

He rose bright and early the next morning and grabbed his wings, his harp, and his halo and got on the elevator to hell.

When the doors opened, he was met by Sam. They hugged each other and off they went. You see, in hell Sam owned a disco. They spent the day there together and had a great time. At the end of the day, Larry and Sam said their good-byes, and up Larry elevated.

When he stepped off the elevator, he was greeted by Saint Peter, who blocked the doorway to Heaven. "Larry Lobster," Saint Peter asked, "Didn't you forget something?"

Larry looked around and said, "No, I don't think so. I have my halo and my wings."

"Yes, but what about your harp?"

Larry gasped and said, "Oh dear!!!!!!"

Are y'all ready to sing??????

I want to hear y'all belt it out loud and lusty!

"I left my harp in Sam Clam's disco!"

(Running like hell for cover!!!!!!)

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You better keep running Kay, and do't look back because there is a crowd behind you! LOL

  2. this needs to be at least 3x as long. it was a good story and then whacko: too soon the punch line. more about larry and pete, pls...and sam & beelzebub. c' can do it! and we can take it! it's monday, after all...

  3. Now that was funny!!!

  4. I loved it! That was a good one. A good chuckle for the day, thanks Kay :)

  5. Oh my aching sides. That is a great groan.

  6. Daffynitions:


    A pole with a string, bobber and hook at one end -

    and a moron at the other.

    Burma Shave

  7. Anonymous4:26 PM

    It's a good think you took off a-runnin', Kay. Good one!
    Cop Car

  8. Good groaner Kay....Many hugs, Joy

  9. I see you're still up to "Groaning" with the best of them!

  10. talk about shaky memories! loved this one, and was all set to make an inane comment, when i saw that i already DID that! boo...move over, sam


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