Saturday, July 18, 2009

Come on a My House -- Part II

I hope y'all forgive my postponing this till today. I wouldn't have traded yesterday with our lil' gals for anything.

That said, today we tour my dining room. It's not done yet. There are still adjustments to be made and pictures, etc. to be hung. It's probably the biggest room in my apartment so it does double duty as my home office aka where I write, pay bills and deal with all the other assorted nonsense that constitute my so-called life. It's also where I put on my Thinking Cap and hold forth on all and sundry for y'all.

Here is the doorway to the dining room. I love the effect of the lace panels on either side and this photo shows the full effect of my dining room set which I totally adore. Sometimes I ask myself why I bought it but it's great when I break down and have guests and sometimes I really do make myself an elegant meal and light the candles and pour a glass of wine. And I've promised myself that I have to both more often.

This wall is my office. I love it. You can't see my matching file cabinet but it's right next to the high shelves attached to my desk which contain reference material, all my computer programs,, and assorted other things I can't function without. On the other side of the desk is my printer and stand and more shelves where I keep my office supplies, vitamins, stationery and a cute lil' thing they call a recharging station where I can recharge my cell phone, blue tooth and my Sansa music player all in one place. Van Gogh is one of my favorite painter and the poster above my computer is his "Irises". To the right is the sketch Scarlet did of me as well a couple signs and an etched glass mirror. The lamp was a gift from my buddy/decorator Richard when I redecorated a year or so ago. He took one look at my desk and told me he had the perfect lamp for me and brought this one over. And yeah, the coffee cup is almost a permanent fixture and no, it's not my fav -- my fave carries the message: "Just state your business quietly and go away and no one will get hurt". Yeah, I'm crabby in the morning.

Here is a better view of my dining room table and y'all can see how pretty the top is. It's probably a tad impractical but I fell in love with its country French style.

Continuing around the room, here's my stereo, etc. and you can see the top of the wine rack. Yeah, it's full -- for now! LOL

Here's my china cabinet. It's wonderful for displaying my copper collection as well as my good china and crystal. Again, you can see that I opted for mini-blinds and valances (white brocade this time) to show off the wood work.

My fireplace does not work but I do like it being here. Flanking it (in addition to two closets) are silhouettes of my children when they were toddlers and what looks like a chain on the other side is a wood carving that my dad whittled when I was small --it's an interesting piece and hard to explain. On the mantle are photos of my grands, my dad and a friend's little one. The poster of the cabbage roses is by Melinda May. It's really a sort of ugly fireplace (my old apartment had glorious fireplace) and I'm trying to think of how to spruce it up more (suggestions are welcome. I've hunted high and low for the right candles for the candle screen and plan to redo the flowers in the brass pots. At Christmas it does dress up nice trimmed with garlands and stockings and my Nativity set. Still, it's something one doesn't get in modern apartments and I'm happy I have it. I do so love old buildings!

I do like this room a lot. I'd better -- I spend most of my time here. I'll like it better when I get the other pictures, etc. up and add some color!

Hope y'all enjoyed this segment and hope y'all will stop by for the next installment when we'll visit my kitchen and prolly my bath, too, on Tuesday. All are small rooms and so there's not much to see. We simply can't interrupt The Groaner of the Week! (My den isn't ready for company yet. At the rate I'm going, it prolly never will be fit for anyone to see.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. This was so much fun, Kay. I loved visiting at your house. You have lots of wonderful, interesting beautiful things at your place.

  2. This definitely constitutes strolling through the home of a friend. I see your lovely portrait by Scarlet. I see your dining room table is ready for candle light dinner-for-two. Your office area is like mine -- full of my favorite things. LOL This is great!

  3. Enjoyed the tour. You have a flair for decorating. It is lovely.

  4. Your apartment looks so cozy and charming - it reflects the way you are.

    If you are allowed to do so, I think painting the bricks on the fireplace facade an off white would lighten that area and highlight your lovely vases, etc. That would be my suggestion.

  5. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I enjoyed the visit, too!

  6. Kay, it looks very comfortable and homey and organized all at the same time. The irises painting is the fabric of my umbrella and I have a plastic tray in my kitchen with that painting on it!! We really are sisters under the skin.

  7. your apartment reminds me of my dear departed mother-and-father-in-law's home in n. wisconsin--one of my favorite places on the planet.

  8. Loved the tour! Your hutch is beautiful

  9. Yup, your good taste prevails as you continue the tour.

  10. I looked at all the pictures together and it seems like your home flows from room to room with a common energy that reflects you. Thanks for sharing it. I love seeing people's homes


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