Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Come on a My House -- Part I

Welcome to my humble abode!!!! This the first installment of your guided tour of the place I call home. It's the first floor of an old house and I love the high ceilings and oak woodwork. It isn't fancy or perfect anything but it's me. A friend said, "Nothing really goes together but it does!" That works for me because I'm pretty much an eclectic kind of gal as you've prolly guessed from reading here. And it's always a work in progress. And don't forget you can embiggen the photos.

Today we're checking out my living room. My apologies because I'm never going to win prizes for my photography. Here's the entry area. You'll notice my penchant for lace curtains and off-white walls. The door to the right is my bedroom.

This sign is the sign of the week and the first thing one sees as they enter. I collect funny (to me) signs and I change it as the mood strikes me. (At Halloween it reads: The Witch is In.) And the copper statue was a recent find in a decor shop I like at 80% off -- I simply love it!

Here is the view above my entertainment center. The black and white photo is of the train station in Barcelona, Spain and is by a local artist. The big poster is a print of a painting by Schaffer/Miles. I have a thing for impressionism as you'll see.

Here's another view of my entertainment center so y'all can see the antique lyre back chair I found in my travels for bargains as well as the detail of my area rug. When I bought it 10 years ago. I didn't have a car so I toted it across town on the bus! The drivers had a l0t of fun teasing me!

Here's my sofa. I found it last year at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore here and fell in love. It's paisley and incorporates all the colors in my rug. That it was a bargain on so many levels was a bonus! I absolutely love my brass and glass coffee table!!!! Yeah, it's impractical but I'm a sucker for such elegance.

Here are the chairs I love so much. The small arm chair has special significance for me but that's another blog. The art poster is a Monet print. The window treatment is mini-blinds topped with white lace valances because I decided that I didn't want hide the oak woodwork.

This corner cabinet has been with me for over thirty-five years. It's one of the few things I have from my marriage and houses my good china. And the vase was a wonderful find at two bucks. I'm pretty pleased with my arrangement I made for it. Whaddaya think. Judy?

Just a reminder who lives here . . . I saw this one day and it screamed, "Take me! I'm yours!!!! So what's a girl to do? LOL

I hope y'all enjoyed your tour,. On Saturday (we can't skip The Friday Groaner, can we?), we'll be visiting my dining room/home office aka Kay's World central.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. This was a whole lot of fun, Kay. I feel like I spent an afternoon at your home. You have so many nice things. I can see your personality and humor in your treasures.

  2. Love that "K." Love the whole thing! There's something really special about being at a yard sale or thrift shop and finding something with your monogram on it. I found a decorative pillow like that last year; get lots of compliments on it...

    Glad all the hard work paid off!

  3. Here you are with another clever idea. I love seeing you home and can't wait for the dining room. That sign is perfect. Monday we have a crew coming to start the remodel on our home and I just might photograph each room as it is finished.

  4. Thanks for the tour Kay and am looking forward to part 2

  5. hey, wonderful! just the style i like, too: cozy, warm, friendly, slicks up well....

    it takes a heap o' livin' to make a house of home, and you've done it!

  6. Kay, it's so fun to see where you live and the things that mean so much to you. I like your arrangement very much, although it's hard to see in that dark photo. I love the "K" and I need one of those.....LOL

  7. very nice Kay --- almost enough to get me to clean (or not!!)

    I'll be looking forward to catching up on your posts when I get out of the hospital!!

  8. Cool, fun taking a tour.

  9. Quite enjoyable. I should do that after I have cleaned. Right now, I look with "company eyes" and it is not ready to photograph.
    thanks for the tour.

  10. How neat and your home seems to very much reflect the woman I have gotten to know. Fun to see your things and home.

  11. Kay: Glad you had fun. If you're ever in Ohio -- mi casa es tu casa! Ten years ago I had nothing so I appreciate what I have acquired.

    Volly: Wayyyyyyy cool! I bought that 'K' in a rather expensive shop for like 75% off!

    Annie: I would love to see the result of your remodeling project.

    GFB: I'm glad -- thanks for coming by!

    M.E.: Thanks!!! I've been carefully working toward this since the day I moved out of the DVP ten years ago. It's still a work in progress but I'm getting there.

    Kenju: I might go back to the shop and see if they still have one in their closeouts. I found that vase for two bucks and the flowers were a huge bargain, too! I don't usually have your flair with flowers.

    Bev: The hospital? Argh!!!! Get well! And if you do decide to clean, I recommend small increments.

    Jan: Thanks!!! I'm happy.

    Annie: I'd love to see your house -- it;s so pretty from the outside!

  12. Rain: Awwwwww thanks!!! When I brgan the adventure after my separation with little furniture or anything else, I had no idea what I wanted to do or how I was ever going to acquire even the basics. Little by little, a few dollars at a time everything fell into place and I'm almost at the point where it's just perfect which means it's almost time to move!!!!! LOL

  13. What a beautiful home you have! Thanks for the tour and I love the idea of having a sign when you first enter. I love the one in the pic and the one you use on halloween :)

  14. Loved the tour this morning w/ my coffee.

    Your special "bits & pieces" are nifty.

  15. I would have toted that lyreback chair across the Andes. Luckily, I don't live anywhere near them...

  16. Kay,
    What I love about your house is that is uniquelly (sp) you and it is filled with furniture, art, and little treasures that reflect your life. What more could anyone ask for? Thanks for sharing and I am looking forward to part 2 of the house tour.

  17. I love the inlaid wood piece leaning against your wall by your couch. Thanks for the home tour. I'm anxious to see more.

  18. Those weavings I sent would be rather bright for your color scheme I would think...

    Fun to see your space...feel like I know you much better.

  19. Kay;

    I love to see pictures of bloggers castles...thanks for the tour. Am looking forward to Part 2

  20. What a lovely home and furnishings you have, Kay. I have lace curtains in two of my bedrooms and like you, a lot of my house interior is from thrift shops, estate sales, etc. You have very good taste. So, who is the photo of in your entertainment center? Your dad perhaps?


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