Saturday, June 27, 2009

Why I've Been MIA and Random Thoughts

Kay's world has been in a dreadful uproar of late and that's why I've been absent here. Some of it has been really good; some really bad; and some of it somewhere in the middle of the two. Here are some of the reasons and some random thoughts.

Why I've been MIA (sigh):

* Outstanding: One of my periodic Google searches yielded reconnection with my brother and his family -- finally!!!!!! There wasn't a rift between us -- it was a question of our mother creating a nasty situation and assorted nonsense like moves and unlisted telephone numbers that messed things up.

* Outstanding: Reconnecting with Mike and his family meant reconnecting with his wife's family, too, From the moment we met I was called 'sister' and 'aunt' and made to feel welcome. Below is a photo (click to embiggen) of me holding my newest grandniece, Sara, who is a mere six weeks old (big sister Brianna, age two, was too busy for a photo op). Both are my sister-in-law's daughter's children. Shannon calls me Aunt Kay. And yeah, my oldest nephew, Matt, wants to come down and see the photos that Barb gave me.

* Horrid: Fighting with doctors over assorted crap has taken hours to no avail and left me screaming a lot. It seems to me that I should have choices in what medications I take or don't take and with what I've been through medically, I think that I know what works and what doesn't. What it comes down to is that Big Brother is controlling doctors now and which scares the hell out of me and tells me that the government controlling our healthcare is even scarier. And oh yeah, I'm changing doctors but that has been delayed unavoidably and, in the meantime, I'm having panic attacks like crazy until I can get a new doctor and medication. Argh! And it has me so stressed that it's wreaking havoc with my hyperthyroidism and I'm sleeping a lot.

* Catastrophic: Another wrinkle in the fabric of my so-called life is that my purse was stolen at the annual Blues Fest and I'm trying mightily to get everything stopped and replaced and repaired. My life (including the last of my panic attack meds) was in my purse and getting it all fixed is not a task for the faint of heart. When I do, I think I'm going to have a much-deserved nervous breakdown. Thank God for Marcia for keeping me focused and thinking clearly when I was too frustrated to do so myself. Have y'all any idea how much 'fun' and expense is involved with getting your life and identity back? I literally run to the mailbox in hope that my replacement debit card and/or other lost necessities are there.

* Funny: I got a note from my brother inviting me to join an online combat game. I'm totally hopeless at such things. I wrote back that he'd been out in the sun too long and needed to come home.

* Never say never department: I have never had an iota of interest in MySpace but I do have to thank those people. It's how I found my brother and his family. I was forced to get a page myself so I could establish contact. I still don't like it but if it keeps me in touch, it works for me. Think maybe I should re-open my FaceBook? Never mind.

Random Thoughts

* Condolences to the family and friends of actress Farrah Fawcett who, at sixty-two, lost her long and courageous battle with cancer.

* A pox on the Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford for shaming his wife and family. This Bible-thumping Neocon defines the word 'hypocrite'. And I wish the same pox on his playmate.

* Kudos to Jenny Sandford for refusing to do the usual "stand by your man" routine like we saw with Elliott Spitzer and handling the situation with pure class. I really liked this lady's tough, intelligent response. Y'all can read about it here in an excellent editorial.

* Condolences to the Jackson family on the death of Michael. I really respected his talent.

* I was watching NCIS the other night and there was an exchange between Gibbs and a state department official that says it all about my stance on the war in Iraq:

DOS official: You don't support the war?
Gibbs: I support our soldiers.

* No surprise here: "Federal agents arrested 92 municipal police officers accused of providing information and security to one of Mexico's most ruthless drug cartels, the state-run Notimex news agency reported." La mordida (slang term for bribery) is a fact of life down there and has been for decades. And all it means is that only the poor and powerless go to jail which explains why so many try to come here.

* Condolences to the friends and family of Ed McMahon who passed away at age eighty-six. He was, for me, the quintessential sidekick. The day he and Johnny left The Tonight Show ended late night television's charm for me.

* And oh yeah . . . thanks for all the great groaners y'all have been sending for The Friday Groaner! They all will appear in coming weeks but keep 'em coming anyway!!!!!!

Well, I'm all typed out and need to hit the sack. Tomorrow is family picnic day and should be fun!!!!! There will be more on this stuff eventually. Next week is "find a new doctor" week but hopefully that will go better than this week!!!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh Wow, Kay! What an incredible post! You covered everything. I don't even know where to start commenting. The most important thing though is CONGRATULATIONS on finding your brother and reconnecting so happily. That is too too wonderful!

    I'm sorry about your purse. That IS scary! Don't forget to do your credit checks.

    Good luck with the doctors. Have a great weekend. I hope you have nothing but outstanding things happen to you.

  2. Hope things get a lot better--soon!!! Your doctor situation reminds me of what a pharmacist I once knew told me about dealing with physicians. He got so angry with one he told the idiot that he (the doctor) 'walked on water only because shit floats.' Why do so many think they share two of God's attributes--omniscience and omnipotence?

  3. Kay, thanks for bringing us up to speed - I have worried about you. Finding your brother and his family is wonderful and I know your joy at that. So sorry about the medical stuff and the purse snatching. Hope all that resolves soon. If you revive FB, look me up!!

  4. Great post, certainly live a wild life!

    Wonderful to reconnect with your brother's family. They sound like very sweet people.

    Horble about your purse. A good reminder to me to copy down all the numbers in my billfold that i need.

    And the they ever change? Best of luck with that!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. First thing ,Kay I'm happy to see you posting again.I hope you are getting things back together after losing your purse. That is one of Shirl's nightmares too.

    Very ,very nice that you found your brother and may I add that in the photo you look very Auntly (is there such a word ?)

    All the best to you my friend!

  6. The good news is very good indeed. I am happy for you with your newly discovered and loving family.

    Losing your purse is truly a bad thing to happen. I hope you have it all straightened out by now.

    Sorry about your doctor's ongoing bad situation. I hope you get it a good doctor who will listen.

  7. Thanks for keeping us in the loop (or in your case, loop-de-loop...). So sorry to hear about the ID theft. It's happened to me twice, so yeah, "catastrophic" is no exaggeration.

    Congrats on the family reunion, though!

  8. Glad to hear the good news about connecting with your brother and his family.

    Sorry to hear about your purse. What a job you have replacing everything.

    And finding a new GOOD doctor, now that's a tough one.

    Wishing you a bundle of luck on all counts.


  9. Wow, sounds like you got grabbed by the nape and shaken repeatedly. Glad for your family and confident that you will do what it takes to get the care you need. Hang in there, girl.

  10. How awesome that you've reconnected with your brother!

    I sympathize on the stolen purse. I had mine stolen a couple of years ago just before Christmas. It had all my receipts, plus the usual ID and credit cards. It took months to get everything back to normal. Good luck!

  11. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Goodness, Kay, what things happen while I was hiding out, from the heat, in my basement. It is wonderful that you had such great news and horrible about your awful trials. I'm glad to see by your later postings that you didn't let life get you down.
    Hurray, for Kay!
    Cop Car


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