Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Wee Hours Thoughts

Yeah, I'm guilty of bad planning!!!! Instead of planning ahead and revising my schedule, I blithely kept on doing what I was doing instead of getting a post ready. Sooooooo I'm biting the bullet and staying up late to post.

* I'm moving toward my place getting done. It's going slow because I refuse to do the "lick and a promise" thing. Closets are getting cleaned and organized and drawers, bookshelves and files are under attack. And if I find things that need repair, I fix them post haste! A massive trip to the laundromat is in my very near future -- and I didn't have to get out my tarot cards to predict that.

* I'm definitely out of the loop for some reason. My phone hasn't rung in days except for Jeff to let me know that they're heading to Florida the 15th of June. I had the dates for Zing! in the City wrong -- it's this weekend and I hope I can work it in. I feel like the Maytag repairman.

* Another distraction is that I've been following the NBA playoffs because the Cleveland Cavaliers are still in and we're all following NE Ohio's favorite son, LeBron James, as he continues to show why he's the NBA's MVP. Don't ever count him or the Cavs out despite not doing well in Orlando -- the next three games are at the 'Q' and our guys like to be home. I don't particularly care for the way the Magic plays the game but I'm gonna be good and not throw stones here. Let's just say that I said, "HUH?" and "What the hell is that?" more than twice. And yeah, I find things I can do while I'm watching the game.

* I have to take Miss Ruby for an oil change before I head up north. I have my route planned and I think it's going to be fun. And I hope I have lots of fun pictures to share with y'all.

* I hope y'all enjoyed your Memorial Day and spent it with the ones who you love and who love you back. I worked here -- no rest for the wicked. I am a woman on a mission.

Well, it's late and I'd best get to bed. I'm working hard on getting back on a decent sleep schedule in addition to everything else (which is a good thing) and am making progress (which is even better. Hopefully I'll be back to what passes for normal for me soon. And somebody please remind me not, under any circumstances, to let things go to hell again.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. makes me tired just reading about all that cleaning and organizing! but good for you.

    and not a word about the chinese buying into the cavs??? (unless i got that wrong...)

    have fun on your trip up north.

  2. Good wee hour thoughts,Kay.
    The Cavs have surprised me I thought they would be doing much better.

    I found out that when I was batching it if after a thorough cleaning of the abode it didn't take much to keep it shipshape if a half hour was spent on the task every other day

  3. I've been trying to get more sleep too. One night this weekend I slept 9 hours. I felt great, but my joints don't like me being immobile for so long. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Well, know you are loved and thought about. I wish you well in all your endeavors, where ever and whatever they may be.

  5. Good for you, Kay. You're motivating me to get organized, too. We've got guests coming on Friday so I'd better get moving as fast as my foot will allow me.

  6. M.E.: It's tiring for me, too! I slept too late today. The Chinese bought 15% -- they like Le Bron. I'm not delighted but no one asked me.

    GFB: The Cavs are a family blue collar team -- they like to play at home and go home to the wife and kids afterwards. (When a guy from the Knicks was here for a short to9me, he got laughs for weating $200 shirts. Our guys drive pickup trucks. I think the Magic are a bunch of thugs -- Dwight Howard is this close >< to being suspended for technical fouls.

    Judy: I hear ya! When I sleep too long I get achy, too!

    Annie: What a sweetie you are!!!!

    Kay: Let someone else help! Rest that foot!!!!

  7. Oh my - since I have been on the slow track things have piled up again. I hope I will be up to cleaning out those closets and getting rid of clothes I no longer wear. And those papers - I swear, they multiply like a bunch of rabbits. Why don't I learn to file them as they come in?

    You are inspiring me to leave this keyboard and get to work.

    Drive safely in Miss Ruby and enjoy!

  8. Obviously, letting things go to hell is invigorating...

  9. You feel like the Maytag Repairman...very funny!
    I'm rooting for the Denver Nuggets. A fan of Carmello Anthony.


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