Thursday, March 19, 2009

Update: Exciting News!!!!!!

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite places for writing practice is Smith Magazine's Six Word Memoirs. The idea is to state your story in six words. I love it because I have a tendency to ramble (Bet y'all didn't notice that, did ya? lol) and it's an exercise in conciseness. I don't stop there nearly as often as I'd like but life intrudes, dontcha know?

Anyway, this morning I got the following email and went nuts!:

Your Six-Word Memoir is a finalist-- but we need your name!‏

Dear Six-Word Memoirist,

You're getting this email because we're working on our next book of
Six-Word Memoirs, and we like [at least one of] yours a lot. Please take
a moment today to log in to your SMITH Magazine account and provide your
accurate full name. As in our previous two bestselling books, we credit
each memoirist by first and last name, and can only consider submissions
for which we have this information.

Thanks for sharing your stories!

six-word memoir co-editor

Yeah, I'm just a finalist but to be chosen from the thousands on their site feels pretty damn cool and I am honored! If I make the cut, I get a free copy of the book AND I can add it to my writing credit. Published is published whether its six words or six thousand, it adds to your street cred in the world of writing.

Okay, here's the problem: I didn't save anything I submitted there and I've been going nuts trying to find them on the site and haven't found the dozen or so or more things I've submitted so I can't even guess what they liked. Wahhhhhh!

Guess I should go see what I've written at First 50 Words -- my other favorite writing practice site and salvage what I've written there and yeah, I need to practice writing.

I'll keep y'all posted, okay?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!


  1. First the good news, then -----. Congratulations on being a finalist and I hope you win. But first I hope you find the submissions.

  2. Ouch! I hope you find it. I once did that in a meme, but I'm darned if I kept it (I don't know).

  3. Congrats Kay...good luck in finding your submissions. And when you do....I'll keep my fingers crossed that you win.

  4. Good news that,Kay and thanks for the links to sites I wasn't aware of.

    You ,ramble? Pshaaaaw!

  5. Kay, that is just AWESOME!!!

    I totally understand how excited you are --- and how easy it is to loose track of all the things one might write in the bazillion places online we all visit

    Good luck --- I'm hoping you'll be able to share it with all of us "fans" soon

  6. Hey Kay and others,

    Our bad for not explaining how to find your stories easily in our email to the finalists. So:

    Just log in with whatever name/email you used to sign up and submit, you'll see your name in the upper right-hand corner of the site, click it -- and all your stories will be listed.


    Larry & Team SMITH

  7. Congratulations, Kay! I'm not surprised since you always have something original to say!

  8. Congratulations!

  9. Alice: I'm just happy I'm a finalist. If I make the cut I'll be dancin'!


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