Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tired and Scared

Working a forty hour week has been hard on the old gal. I'm not used to it but reminded myself that it's just temporary. I wish that I could make the bureaucrats understand the latter. Right now they are trying to take away some benefits from me and that's causing extra stress on the Cranky Old Broad -- and that's my excuse for neglecting y'all while I rage and fight against the machine aka bureaucracy. I do apologize sincerely and will spare you the drama.

The sad part is I may have to quit the job. Unfortunately, if I do, I will have a hard time making it -- having stayed at home to raise my kids really has a nasty effect on what I get for Social Insecurity. I am afraid of what's next for me but I don't want to whine.

Instead, I think we need another blast from the past with a favorite clip from one of my musicals!!!!!! I really loved this scene with the late, great Yul Brynner! Enjoy!!!!

I'll be around again if I ever get this damned mess straightened out and can think rationally again.

Happy Blogging!!!!


  1. I'm sorry you are having trouble. I think every middle-class person is affected by all this mess. I have two sons who lost their jobs. One found one right away, being an accountant auditor, but the other, a civil engineer (both have their masters) the other one hasn't had as good of luck. I will be praying for you both.

  2. Ahhh, Kay, I'm so sorry! I hope things look up soon. I loved The King and I, too.

  3. Hope everything works out for ya. Take all the time you need. We'll be here

  4. No wonder you are tired and scared. Kay, I'm so upset on your behalf. The battle of bureaucracy is the pits, especially when you dealing with retirement matters that are you entire future. Wish there was something we could all do to help.

    I love that dance scene. Hopefully I'll be able to open the video on Tuesday when I get my satellite connection. WhoooHooo!

  5. Keep your chin up, Kay. I'll hold you close in thoughts and prayers.

  6. Kay D;

    I have missed sorry that you are suffering under this economic mess that we are going through.
    Mom's that have chosen to stay home and raise their children should be given some kind of social security benefits. We pay the congress to figure this stuff out.
    We'll be here for you when you return!

  7. Kay, I am sorry to read this, too, as I know you've had more than your share of hard troubles. I'm not in the peak of condition right now either, and there's little work available, so that presents problems.I hope we both can be doing better soon.

  8. hey, chica....ask ur friendly social security office about getting benefits from your ex-husband? they change the rules all the time, so i don't know what's possible now, but ASK!! ask about SSDI, too. jaysus. a gurl can only take so much!!

    meanwhile, chins up!!

  9. Sorry to learn that you are having job problems. Hope it won't be long before it works out for you.

    That scene you put up from"The King and I" is my very favorite.

    I saw it live with Yul and Gertrude. When they did that dance number her skirt went right over the heads of the musicians in the orchester pit!!


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