Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Songs!!!!!

Ronni Bennett over at TGB talked about the music that makes her happy and asked, "What songs make you happy?"

For me the list comes in all genres and I'll share some of them one at a time in this busy, busy week.

I love the old Broadway Musicals that we all knew growing up from The Ed Sullivan Show and we also heard them on many other variety shows so popular back then. One of my favorites was Meredith Willson's "The Music Man" starring Robert Preston and Shirley Jones. I loved all the songs but always get a giggle from this one. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


  1. Pool!! right here in River City! As one who hung out in the local academy of fine shots ( pool hall) in my callow youth I always enjoy that song when I hear it.

    One favourite of mine is You'll Never Walk Alone from Carousel

  2. I loved all the old musicals. You have caused me to recall our entire family watching The Unsinkable Molly Brown together and I can see my mom and dad and siblings all laughing together. Thanks Kay.

  3. that was a great fun song

  4. My favorite 'sport' is to put on Pandora or my iTunes collection and put it on shuffle. They go from blue grass to celtic to classic rock to zydeco to whatever. What ever I am doing seems to take the cue from the music--zipping along to the more rollicking rhythms and proceeding more sedately to the quieter tunes. They all make me happy.

  5. Meredith Wilson, composer of Music Man, would be amazed by how timely that jazzy tune always seems to be. Of course, right now (and forseeable future) it could be our national anthem--don't you think?

  6. My favorite musical is South Pacific because my son, who was only 12 at the time, played in the orchestra with the college musicians. It was a proud night for mom, dad and grandma.

    I love 76 Trombones from The Music Man.

  7. love the whole Music Man....

    my son-in-law Henry says listening to "Uchundibunga" by the Four Brothers (I think this is West African?) makes him feel he will never be unhappy again....

  8. I love old musicals, too. When I think of happy songs, I remember when I was facing recovery from breast cancer. Every morning knowing I had a class to teach, I bravely put on make-up and sang "Put on a Happy Face". Darn if it didn't help raise my spirits.

  9. kay;

    i love musicals..old and current broadway. One of my favorites is West Side Story...I still cry at the endI when Tony dies and Maria sing "there's a place for us..a time and place for us" ok, i got a little carried away!

  10. Hello Kay,

    Recently I was at our Mall and the local 8th grade band was going to play a few selections for our enjoyment.

    We were all seated in folding chairs and the band walked in and sat in their chairs. The bandmaster nodded to the student musicians and they looked back with abject fear in their eyes. They adjusted their music on their stands and cautiously raised their horns and clarinets to their lips.

    The bandmaster tapped twice on his podium with his orchestra baton and, at that point I was so caught up in the moment that I did the unthinkable. I looked at those kids and wanting only the very best for them shouted," THINK,MEN,THINK". The people around me clapped and smiled and those kids put on the performance of their lives.

    It was sensational.....Meredith Wilson would have been proud!!!!

  11. I've always loved that one!

  12. With a capital P and that rhymes with T!

    I once saw Mandy Pitankin do this number and at the end of it he said "now we know why Robert Preston is dead" --- it's pretty physical!

    We've long been proponents of the "Think System" here at our house --- which is especially amusing since my daughter was a concert muscian all through school (from the 4th grade on).

    We love musicals, too bad so many of the new ones appearing on Broadway are nothing more that recycled pop junk. The best one in a while is Wicked --- it has some great message songs!

  13. Songs from musicals have such fun lyrics. I've always loved Moonshine Lullabye from Annie Get Your Gun.


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