Saturday, January 03, 2009

Post-Holiday Random Saturday Thoughts

The drawing above is of the Kay. It was done by my good friend Scarlet over at As Good as It Gets. She has been taking art classes and asked for "guinea pigs" to send pictures and she would draw a sketch from the photo. She is a good friend and I have a lot of faith in her so I sent one along. I am delighted with the result! She also sent it to me because I liked it so well -- even if it does look like me. I'm going to frame it and it will grace a wall in my dining room near my computer.

It's been a busy week and I hope I can recall all the things slithering through my alleged mind!

* The holidays are over. Hallelujah and AMEN!!!!!! I'll be glad to get back to my regularly scheduled program -- with a few adjustments here and there.

* I scratched my plan to go out for dinner New Year's Eve. I stayed home and grilled a steak and made some au gratin potatoes to go with it. Definitely yummy and infinitely cheaper.

* I watched the NBC version of New Year's Eve with Carson Daly. It was pretty good. I got a kick out of Bill and Hillary dancing after the ball dropped. They actually looked happy to be together. I just hope that it's a good year for all of us.

* I made some resolutions. Nothing I haven't made before -- and broken -- but it felt different somehow this time. Who knows? I might even keep one or two.

* I hate the hassle of putting away Christmas decorations, don't you?

* XtremeEnglish has a wonderful post on fixing this country and attaining peace. I like it but the cynic that I've become tells me it makes too much sense to ever be put into action by our Congress Critters unless there's a way they can line their pockets.

* The Friday Groaner needs contributions. It's not my baby -- it's yours. I'm just the publisher/editor. Please help.

* Remind me to stay out of Border's. I was there on New Year's Day and spent too much money. All I wanted to do was to pick up a copy of Writer's Digest. Right. I escaped fifty bucks later. LOL!!!

* Yesterday was the monthly First Friday celebration. It was great -- as usual!!!! Ice-carving and ice skating were the main events and the galleries, bars, and restaurants were jammed. I was going to take photos but my camera's batteries were dead. Someday I'll remember to change them before I leave. Maybe later today I'll go downtown and get a few shots of the Christmas tree and lights on the Central Plaza.

Well, that's about it for this week. Here's to a great 2009!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


  1. Kay,

    I've noticed you seem to post right at midnight, every night. Is that just your orderly mind, or do you set an alarm, or do you write 'em ahead of time and have a way of posting on a timer?

    Just curious.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Volly: I write my posts as they cross my alleged mind. I use the "post options" feature on Blogger and I can schedule my posts by date and time.

    If you're interested, you can learn about this feature here:

  3. I love that drawing of you. It's how I've imagined your spirit.

    It sure doesn't feel like Friday today. It had a Monday feel to it. I feel rather disoriented to think a week has gone by.

  4. Kay, what a great likeness of you. Sounds like you have launched into the new year. The name of the SoulCollage book is "SoulCollage" by Seena Frost, but at the website,, you can get lots of information about how to get started.

    Got a big kick out of your post at Sacred Ordinary today when you refer to New Tears instead of New Years. I sure hope there are few tears for you this year; I think you've had enough the past years.

  5. I start dreading the undecorating process in October, weeks before I even decorate. My enthusiasm for greenery leaves when Santa does. I'm hoping the process only takes half of my Saturday!

  6. I start dreading the undecorating process in October, weeks before I even decorate. My enthusiasm for greenery leaves when Santa does. I'm hoping the process only takes half of my Saturday!

  7. Kay that sketch is fantastic.
    The last time anyone *sketched* me was when I was 14.
    I loved it because it made me look like Audrey Hepburn.

    Bear((( )))

  8. Well, in every cloud there is a silver lining. I don't have to put the decorations away this year because I was too laid up to decorate.

    I like the image of you and I think she has captured your spirit.

  9. Great sketch!

    Steph and I can't even face the undecorating process yet. We're both down with this awful cold now, although I seem to be on the mend while Steph is just beginning. The Christmas decorations will wait until we're feeling better.

  10. That is a great drawing indeed! I hear you on the bookstore visits. I am off (again) today, to spend my allowance.


  11. A very nice drawing however I can't comment on the likest of you. You don't post many photos of yourself.
    I've never posted many of thyself either. As I get older my position is changing on that because of my son. When I'm gone I want him to have visual memories of me. Since my dad died I realize I wish I had more photos of he and I together!
    So to hell with anyone thinking I'm conceited if I post photos of myself. When I'm gone who will care.

  12. Love the drawing!

    Yes, Kay, Borders and Target are two places I blow my budget. It's best to make monthly trips. I consider it a major feat when I can leave either of those places with only the object(s) for which I came.

  13. Yes...stay away from Border's...and mall kiosks! ;)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the sketch. Thanks for your sweet message as well.

    Let's make this a good year!!

  14. Kay: You are sooo kind!!!!

    Fran: You are really sweet! Thanks for the info on soul collage. And oops! My Freudian slip is showing!!!

    Marty: Me, too! Glad I'm not alone.

    Bear: Omigod! Audrey Hepburn? I would be thrilled, too!!!

    Darlene: Thanks -- you are soooo kind!

    Lynette: Thanks! Hope you and Steph feel better soon!!!

    Dave: Thanks!!!! Don't spend it all in one place.

    Jan: There aren't many photos of me either -- I'm usually the one taking pictures.

    Amy: Thanks!!! I hadn't been to Border's in months so I guess it wasn't so bad.

    Scarlet: Good advice -- for both of us considering your "kiosk adventure"!!!! LOL And re: 2009, from your keyboard to God's monitor.

  15. That is a great drawing and likeness as well as having your spirit. Definitely worth hanging. Hope the new year is a good one for you.

  16. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Thanks for posting the sketch. If you look anything like your sketch, you are beautiful on the outside. (We already knew that you are beautiful on the inside!)
    Please have a great 2009!
    Cop Car

  17. I love your portrait! your friend is very talented

    I saw Bill and Hilary dancing too, and had the same thought you did. I have always thought they were quite a love affair - all messy and complicated but in love none the less

  18. Evelyn: Thanks for the kind words!!! I think I'm going to post the picture she sketched from and talk about it.


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