Sunday, January 11, 2009


Helloooooooooo from Blizzard Central. We got about six or so inches of the white stuff starting Friday night and continuing through Saturday morning. Yuck! Last night freezing rain followed so we're a big skating rink with temperatures in the teens. The good news is that the plows went through last night and the streets are accessible so I can go out for the Sunday paper. The temps are dropping below freezing and that means the likelihood of more snow is slim.

I had a meeting Friday night and when I got home, I parked Miss Ruby in the driveway because I knew the snow ban for parking on the street would be in effect by morning. (There's a hefty fine for making life hard for the snow plow guys and having your wheels towed is possible, too.) Thank God I'd gone to the grocery on Thursday!

I was working here at the computer Saturday afternoon and heard kids making a racket outside so I went to see what was happening out there. I opened my front door and there was little Red, son of my next door neighbors Red and Carol, and two of his buddies shoveling my sidewalks and Chance the dog was helping. My place is on the corner so it's not a small task. They seemed to be having fun as there was plenty of laughter. I thanked them profusely and told them to come see me when they were done.

When they finished out front, Red himself came over and they went out back and they dug out our drive and cleaned off Miss Ruby and my neighbor's car.

I wasn't thinking because I thought of my camera too late. The first picture is of Mandwel and Jessie's house across the street -- the steps to the street are all but invisible. (Their house is prettier than mine anyway.) It gives an idea of what a mess we had. The second is of my clean front walk. I wish I'd got photos of the the kids, too.

Little Red and his buddies came back later and I thanked them again and gave each of them some money. I was glad I had some cash in the house -- I tend to live and die by my debit card. They all said thanks and headed over to Red and Carol's. As they walked away, I saw little Red give the other boys the money I had given him.

It bothered me until I remembered last winter when their older son and a buddy dug out Miss Ruby. When I went over to pay them for their kindness Carol refused to take it and told me that that's what neighbors do --they help each other. I attempted to tell her that I was just expressing my appreciation but she was adamant. I'm guessing that little Red was not allowed to accept payment so he shared the money with his friends.

I feel incredibly blessed to live among such wonderful folks!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


  1. Despite the nasty freezing rain, your post today had a real "feel good" to it. I love the fact that there are good people and good neighbours out there still.

    Thanks for sharing the story


  2. We got hit too Kay. Yesterday was awful. I don't know how many inches we got, but we were vertually immobile....and we're expecting more. The plows did make it down the streets. I shoveled my best as I could. It's VERY white out there. Way too much snow for my liking.

  3. We are thankful that the massive snow the weather people predicted did not materialize. We had about six inches of very light and fluffy snow that I was able to shovel easily. Other areas north of us had double what we got and some are still getting snow. I am again thankful that our landlords are very reliable and get the crews out clearing off the snow quickly. they even got most of the snow between our parked cars. I just had to clear what we moved off the cars. I am glad you have such good neighbors.

  4. Good neighbors are a blessing, Kay.

    Those pictures make me feel old! You stay warm up there.

  5. Look like a cozy neighborhood.

    Still having balmy weather for January here in Denver. I know snow is coming and it will probably happen all at once.

    Nice to have kids that can shovel you out.

  6. Dave: Thanks!!! I am blessed. Our 'hood isn't fancy but the people are mostly pretty nice.

    Joy: Argh! I figured as much. The weather report for the next week uses words like 'frigid' and 'bitter' (yikes!) so we prolly won't get much more snow. Hope you're keeping warm.

    Mary: We mostly get what you get --only later. I'm not looking forward to single digit temps.

    Amy: I'm trying very hard but the thought of it getting colder makes my bones ache. I am blessed with my neighbors.

    Jan: Enjoy it while it lasts!!! Our neighborhood old. Most of the houses were built in the '30s and have been kept up pretty well. It used to be a wealthy neighborhood but now it's lower to middle class and some of the houses (like mine) are duplexed rentals. I love old houses -- they have things like oak woodwork that are sooo nice.

  7. Indeed...That is a Blessing when hard times come---like that kind of Snow....The pictures tell the whole story, don't they? I do not think I could manage "snow", and ALL it's problems, any more...As pretty as it is--And I DO Appreciate that---It just feels like one more difficult burden, you know? I am pretty spoiked with our weather here---(They say today it will be up in the High 70's--early 80's...)...
    It sounds like your neighbors are such wonderful people and it is interesting that the way they feel about neighborlyness has been passed on to their yoing son....!
    Thanks so much for your visit, Kay.

  8. Naomi: I'd be willing to bet Red and Carol sent him and his buddies over. It's like them. Both are in caring professions; Carol works at a nursing home and Red is a counselor at the county's juvenile detention facility. They are old-fashioned strict parents and it shows in what good boys they have.

  9. Ohhhhh, it's soooo beautiful. I really miss that wonderful, peaceful atmosphere a place has when snow has just fallen. Like the universe is saying "Aw, go ahead and sleep in today."

    Still hoping we'll get something like that this year. Just one. It can melt the next day, but... just for a few hours.

  10. You are indeed lucky to have neighbors like that. Once when we had 22" of snow in one night, one of our neighbors got his tractor out and plowed many of the driveways here. He was a lifesaver! But he's gone now, and I doubt anyone else would do that. Lord knows the city/county never does!

  11. Maybe the little guy would accept a plate of cookies?
    just a thought.

  12. Wait a minute, Stu!!! Are you gonna weite about why you can't have a baby? LOL

  13. Pretty neighborhood and wonderful neighbors. I enjoyed reading about the boys' work. Nice kids!
    We also got several inches of fluff today and so, went nowhere.

  14. Great neighborhood! It reminds me of that movie that plays over and over again these days: "A Christmas Story." Better neighbors, though. Yours don't have dogs who come in the house and eat the turkey!

  15. I am shivering just looking at your pictures. I remember how cold you can be going to your car and defrosting the windshield. Good neighbors help a lot, though.

    Snow is beautiful when it first falls, but the aftermath is something I don't miss.

    It isn't exactly hot here. It was 39* when I got up, but has warmed up to a balmy 64*. I like it in the mid 70's.

  16. I love your blog. The pics of the snow are postcard perfect though I imagine it takes some planning to live in and with it. You're very fortunate to have good and caring neighbors.


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