Friday, December 26, 2008

Random Saturday After Christmas Thoughts

I've been on the maudlin side this Christmas so don't look for any sentimental you-know-what memories of Christmas 2008. I don't want sympathy -- I'm just stating the fact that it was a less than stellar Christmas but that's been my world for quite some time. One would think that I'd get used to it but as the old song by The Supremes goes, "Some Things You Never Get Used To". I think of all the people who shared our holiday table when our kids were growing up because I couldn't stand the thought of someone spending Christmas alone and wonder if I'm the only person who does things like that.

* I spent Christmas Eve with friends Lynda and Mike and her daughter who was home from her internship in Philadelphia and it was nice. We had an excellent dinner with excellent wine and veggies and dip provided by yours truly. I skipped Midnight Mass.

* The pastor of the church where where our offices are located brought me and Jeff Christmas gifts. I am the proud owner of a new coffee mug and a soapstone heart. He is really a terrific person. When I asked Jeff if he had a nice Christmas today, he said, "Maybe." I didn't have the nerve to ask what that meant. He gives his entire life to our clients and I'm guessing that he spent the holiday alone.

* 'Tis the season for giving and I'm going to two benefits this weekend. One Saturday night and one Sunday. Both promise to be nice.

* I am ending my association with the political sub-committee of which I am secretary. This past year was an exercise in frustration. My fellow Ohioan, William Tecumseh Sherman, said of the presidency, "If nominated, I will not accept; if elected, I will not serve." I will no longer associate myself with a dishonorable dictator and others are joining me including the person who founded the group. A girl has to have standards.

* I don't think the bankers should be given another nickel and am writing my Congress critters to tell them stop payment on the $350 billion check that's the other half of their $700 billion when nothing has been done to help the homeowners who have been bilked by them and their minions.

* I think it's interesting that the bankers were given 700 billion with barely a blink and no accountibility for how they spent it but all hell broke loose when the auto industry asked for loans. Tells y'all who is in bed with who, doesn't it?

* I found this interesting short video of John McCain's answer to a question regarding Sarah Palin running in 2012. Tactful but he made his point. I just wonder where this wit was during his campaign.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. He certainly knows how to tap dance around a question, doesn't he? LOL! I think that Palin is finally slinking in the the background where she belongs!

  2. "my Congress critters"....

    great post!

  3. Too bad he didn't show some of that humor before.

  4. I like your honesty. It's usually the simplest of things I remember the most about each Christmas.

    Also enjoyed the video clip.

  5. Interesting reading your post, as I felt also that this was pretty low on the Christmas to remember scale. I am glad it is done with, and am happy to put it back in a box. First time I have ever had this feeling.
    Getting cynical and tired boss, dog tired.
    Nice post Kay!



  6. What an interesting blog. I am glad to have found you!


  7. McCain always had a side that made a person like him. I liked his reply to Letterman on why he snubbed him and it was simple and to the point. I screwed up. Who doesn't like someone like that.

    Sounds like you had some good things in your holiday. I am really not a holiday person and have always done the best I can with it. We spent ours with roads not really safe to go out. I hadn't planned to do a dinner; so had to get creative with a pot roast from the freezer which came out really good with the addition of chipotle hot peppers. It will make another good meal as we had the hash today and tomorrow will come enchiladas.

  8. It is the underlying family dramas and control factors that make me breathe a sigh of relief when Christmas is over. This year was better than most but I always feel like I am walking a tight rope and on the day after Christmas, my slippers reach the platform and I feel safe.

    Now its time to look forward to 2009 and those damn resolutions!

  9. Lynette: Between the military and politics he could have survived this long if he couldn't.

    M.E.: I knew you would like that!

    Judy: Indeed!!!

    Colleen: You are sooo sweet!

    Dave: I understand. Too many wars to fight jades a body.

    Claire: You are very kind.

  10. Wow! That is a very interesting video! Amazing, actually.

    I enjoyed Christmas and spending it with my brother's family but I miss our own children and grandchild who are far away. This was not all that easy. There's something about the holidays... Maybe we put so much pressure on it to be deliriously happy that you can't help but feel at times... is this all? Is something missing?


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