Friday, December 19, 2008

Quick Update

Biker Santa is comic relief -- I think he's kinda cute -- after a so-so week. Nothing much has been resolved. I'm getting the holiday blues so please bear with me for another week. It doesn't help that grey days get to me but I'll manage.

On Monday, the committee, of which I'm secretary, finally had its wrap-up meeting. It was, as I expected, a genuine debacle and I even came under fire. I had the audacity to agree with our treasurer on some funding issues that she questioned and I pointed out some things that were not in keeping with how I thought things should be run -- especially her incessant attacks on our treasurer. Our chairman (who plays the race card every time someone who is white questions her authority) took offense and now I'm on her list, too. Sigh. Even the member who founded the committee is ready to quit after that meeting. Another member said after the meeting, "She doesn't want co-workers -- she wants slaves!" She got it right. Those of us who are displeased are considering a talk with the foundation who funds us about the problems. I am definitely letting this go. It's a good committee with a good purpose but not at the expense of my last nerve.

I finally got to see my doctor Thursday. I was a very good girl. I had a list with all crapola that's been bugging me. Her reaction was mixed. She worries more about the stuff I take than for panic attacks than anything else. And it's what I worry about least. Go figure. Here is the upshot of my visit:

* I guess I get to keep the crap I've had since October because she told me to keep taking Claritin. It hasn't worked yet and I couldn't get an answer as to why I should continue.

* She did listen when I told her I couldn't hear out of my left ear and had the nurse take care of it and I felt better immediately. It's clogging up again already though. Sigh.

* She gave me a different medication for panic attacks that also purportedly functions as an anti-depressant. The stuff I currently take is addictive for many. I know that and I do not take it unless I need it. I only take .25 mg as needed and a 30-day prescription lasts me five or six months. The new stuff is 7.5 mg and I'm supposed to take it twice a day. To me this is a no brainer -- a choice between .25 mg and 15 mg of poison a day? hmmmm . . . She tells me I'm depressed. Yeah, I am -- I'm depressed that my doctor doesn't get it. And yeah, I'm prone to stress. A friend who's been with me the last couple decades says that if I weren't depressed now and then, she'd be really worried.

* I was astounded to discovered that she doesn't get why I'm off my thyroid medication. And you can bet I'm talking to the endocrinologist about it when I finally see him in a couple weeks. I hope he schedules my scan so I can get back on my meds. They actually help and I feel better.

I'm as ready for Christmas as I'm going to be. I didn't decorate much. I just sent gift cards to the grands. No muss; no fuss. I've no plans except midnight mass and perhaps volunteering at our parish's Christmas dinner. Right now I feel burnt out on volunteering.

I hope y'all are done shopping and ready to celebrate with your nearest and dearest!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh, how your description of the wrap-up meeting brings back memories to me... guess we have all been in similar quicksand situations when it comes to volunteering work. Wonder if all organisations have to go through such processes? How draining it must be.

    On a lighter note, there is a tradition on the third Saturday in Advent (today) for all the motorcyclists to get dressed up as Santa Claus and ride in a hoard through town (or a few times). It's a lot of fun and, though very loud, enjoyed by all.

  2. Stopping by to wish you a Merry Christmas.
    Hate the race card.

  3. Committees are crap! That's why I am not on any of them anymore!

    Merry Christmas, and I hope your health issues will be cured soon.

  4. I hope the new dosage of your medication helps you feel better have such a beautiful heart. I want you to enjoy your holiday so much. Merry Christmas sweetie...

  5. Dear Kay,

    I hope something happens very soon that cheers you up and makes you feel better.

    We are all pulling for you and hope you have a nice Holiday.

  6. Hey, Kay, sorry you're still feeling poorly. Your experience with Claritan resembles my Mother's similar experience. She tried it while with her previous doctor and her present doctor tries every now and then to get her to 'try' it again. They are surprised when she refuses. They also gave her Singular to try. It didn't work any better and she has refused it since. A doctor I went to for a bacterial gastric infection last winter tried to give me a sample dose of Singular and was really taken aback when I refused it. On Mom those things don't seem to work at all and on me they have a rebound effect. They work at first and then the symptoms come back worse than they were to start with.

    The biker Santa is too cute!! Love it.

  7. Lia: I'd love to see the biker Santas -- bet its fun.

    Jan: meeeeeee, too, but I might have to play it right back in this woman's face.

    Judy: I only stayed on this one because before this idiot took over, it was great!!!!

    Joy: I'm not going to take this new medication. There was no need to change it.

    Nancy: from your keyboard to God's ear.

    Mary: I'm glad I'm not alone. Claritin might help with something but it isn't anything I have.

  8. Where it comes to anxiety attacks, doctors don't really get it at all. They want a person taking something all the time instead of when needed. That makes no sense. I also take something, have for probably nearly 20 years now which can be addictive but has not been for me as I still take no more or less than I ever did and like you sometimes don't need it. They though are judged by prescriptions for anything addictive and so more hesitant to give it out even when it's been proven right. Plus they get advertising from the drug companies to encourage them to use the 'new' stuff.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Holidays are not my thing. I finally got most of the shopping done yesterday after beginning to panic at none at all before that due to that bad cold and then bad weather. I will be glad when it's January!

  9. Rain: Well she's going to rot in hell before I take this stuff that has all the weird warning labels on it. I don't think half the stuff they prescribe are good for you. We probably take the same thing. The doctor who originally prescribed it is on the short list of doctors that I trust. Unfortunately, he is retired. If it weren't for him, I'd be in a wheelchair because the "specialists" said there was no hope. He knew me well enough that I wasn't good at taking pills of any sort and that what I take would work. I really hate most doctors because they don't listen.

  10. Got it! I totally understand about your medicine Kay. My mother was caught up in the same medicine mess. It seems you know what's best for you in this situation...wishing you the best sweetie... ~Joy

  11. Gee...I really hate doctors! Theh don't seem to really be "there", you know? It's like one must struggle through, in spite of them!!
    Ready for Christmas?? LOL! Not really....In fact, I hardly know one person who is ready for Christmas this year. I think it is something about the state of the world, and the state of our country....It's all a bit much and hard to work up a loy of enthusiasm when there is so much thar is wrong....EVERYWHERE!

    I dearly hope you get to feeling better, my spite of the doctor, as I said earlier!
    Happy Blogging to you, too!

  12. I take an anti depressant too. It does keep the black dog away. I find Xmas a big anti climax. This year it's just the not-wife and myself, no visitors and no visiting... Bliss!


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