Saturday, November 29, 2008

Random Saturday Thoughts After Turkey Day

Hope y'all had a wonderful Turkey Day and that y'all didn't gain too many extra pounds! Mine was quiet but busy once I got over my mother's insanity.

* I celebrated the day by going down to my parish and volunteered at our annual dinner for the needy. And, as usual, we ran out of food despite that extra food was ordered and prepared. Our church is a popular place because we give people dignity at a time when their dignity is in shreds. No standing in line here -- our guests are seated and served their dinners. They get a full dinner with all the trimmings from turkey to pumpkin pie. Coffee cups and glasses of punch are refilled as needed. I am very proud of my parish and I find that being there for such occasions is a blessing to me. There is no better way to give thanks than sharing oneself with others who are less fortunate.

* The travesty in Mombai is just that. I am appalled and sorrowed, as always, at man's inhumanity to his fellow man and I rail in my heart against a God who allows this to happen. Sometimes I wonder if free will was such a good gift from Him when such things happen.

* I skipped Black Friday. There is nothing I want so badly that I'm willing to risk life and limb.
My question is this: What is at Wal-Mart that is so damned important that it's is worth killing for? Had I been in that mob, I'd never be able to sleep again. I saw children on Thursday who will receive little or nothing for Christmas yet bowed their heads in prayer before their meal in thanks. Greed is one of The Seven Deadly Sins in case no one remembers.

* I added a couple new posts to my other blog. If you're new to it, it's the story of the events
that have changed my life. It came as the result of being tagged with a thought-provoking, telling meme by Xtreme English. I had been side-stepping a lot of things here and it forced me to face up and 'fess up to who I am. The best way to read it is by going back to the oldest post and read forward. Some people like it very much. All I know is that writing it has been good for me and I've let it languish far too long. Mea culpa. And now you know why "Yikes!" is almost always in the title when I get tagged with a meme.

* I truly love the new Blogger "follow" feature -- it works better than Bloglines for me -- and it helps me comment more often. However, some of y'all don't have an RSS feed and can't be added and I wonder why. If you haven't seen me "live on your stage" either a) I haven't added you yet; b) you don't have a feed that Blogger will link. In either case, I apologize. The first will be rectified as time permits; the second is up to you but I will be around when I can.

* I think I've figured out how to fix my sidebar and get it back where it belongs, so that is the project du jour. Sigh. I truly hate messing with this techie stuff.

* And oh yeah, please send any groaners you would like to share to me at and you, too, can join the small but elite group of contributors to The Friday Groaner here. I'm thinking about making a badge for these good people. Whaddaya think?

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. That's a wonderful gesture by your parish Kay.. I know what you mean about the Christmas rush. I've already done my present shopping, mainly over the internet

  2. Thanks! I think what our parish does is what all of us who profess to be Christians should do -- live what we profess. No -- I take that back! I think we should do such things as members of humanity. I'm tired of the people who superciliously give lip service to their faith but sit on their askers and do nothing but play the "my God is better than yours" game! The Dalai Lama said: "It is not enough to be compassionate. YOU MUST ACT. I think he is right.

  3. I wish I could say the same bout my church - although I haven't been going there long enough to know what good they do yet.

    I agree about Mumbai and WalMart. Both travesties that make me ashamed of my fellow man.

    I love blogger following, too, although I still use bloglines. Blogger puts up the new posts much quickler than bloglines does.

  4. Excellent post, Kay. Thought of you Thursday and how you and your church would no doubt be doing exactly what you did. Critical as I am of the politics of the Catholic Church, I've always been in awe of those parishes and people who do as you do--around the poorest among us. And peace people like the Catonsville Nine in Baltimore.

  5. Glad to read your spirits perked up after focusing on others at Thanksgiving. Sounds like you've got a handle on how to cope with whatever unexpectedly comes your way as with that phone call.

    You make some good points about shopping, the importance of acting on what we say we believe, whatever our religious views.

    Glad writing at your other blog is beneficial for you. Courageous of you to share your story. Perhaps others can gain from the knowledge survival is possible whatever life throws our way, but action is generally required.

  6. kudos to you, kiddo, for volunteering. it's one of the blessings of this time of year. hope you're feeling better got smacked by the flu not too long ago.

    happy hols....m.e.

  7. I have to admit I had to check out your blog just because of your name and blog title on Sylvia's site. Sounds like you had a meaningful Thanksgiving at a time when there is madness around the world. Good for you!
    From another Kay

  8. In Palm Desert Toys R Us two men shot each other dead after their wives got in an altercation. Life is such a paradox, isn't it?

  9. Hurray Kay!
    I see your side bar is back where it should be--on the side.LOL

    Our grocery store here in the neighbourhood has *food bags* that can be purchased at the cash register for $5 or $10.
    It makes it so easy when paying for your own groceries to add a couple of bags that go to the local food bank.
    That is one of the reasons why we like shopping in that store, they really are involved in trying to help out our community.

    If I get any groaners I will be sure to pass them on to you.

    Bear((( )))

  10. Reading about your parish takes a bit of my sting away from the greed people that invaded walmart. Not much, buy your story left me with a bit of hope that there are still decent caring people left on this planet.
    Thank you for posting about it!



  11. Hi, Kay,

    We don't do 'Black Friday' madness either. We didn't even when we were spending much more on gifts. Over the years we have pared down the money spent on gifts. All too often the recipients gushed over the gifts and then took them back to the stores. And often the recipients looked more at what others got trying to figure who we spent the most money on. Now mom gives the children (great-grand kids only) a small gift of money and the hostess (usually my sister) a small hostess gift. Through out the year, on especially significant dates, I give a hand crafted gift.

    I have also followed the Mumbai events with a sick feeling. I have a hard time understanding people who think their pain, suffering, whatever, gives them the right to engage in mass murder. I expect the events but I don't expect to understand the motivation. Any more than I understand people who shoot each other in a crowded store or trample a store employee trying to get to the bargains.

    We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with family and look forward to a quiet Christmas with family.

    Glad you are feeling better and hope it continues. By the way, I also like the following feature. I have to explore other features I have ignored so far. The might prove interesting.


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