Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Quick Note: McCain Concedes

At 11:16 PM Eastern Standard time, John McCain conceded defeat. He did so surprisingly graciously considering the depths to which he and Sarah Palin stooped to smear Barack Obama. I have a thing about dirty campaigning and it upsets me greatly no matter which party commits it. (Which is probably why I prefer not to align myself with either party,) It's the quickest way to lose my vote. However, because I prefer to take the moral high road, I applaud John McCain for his decent and generous concession speech.

I'll address some other thoughts later, but for now, let's just come together and support (please note that I didn't say agree with) the next President of the United States: Barack Obama. May he lead wisely and well! May he fulfill his supporters expectations and surprise the hell out his detractors.

God bless America!

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  1. Yes, his speech was very gracious. And I loved him on SNL too.

    And Obama's acceptance speech was nothing short of awesome. I feel like a girl again, voting for the first time for JFK.

  2. Congratulations, America!

  3. Amen, sister! Yes, McCain's speech was very gracious. I pray he continues to serve our nation well, and I'll really pray that President Obama can untie us and start to dig us out of this hole GWB has dug.

  4. I agree. I thought McCain was at his best in his concession speech. If he had been that way throughout the campaign it might have been closer. I hope that the Republicans left will finally learn that negotiations involve give as well as take. If they do, and if the Democrats don't let the victory go to their heads, perhaps we will have a productive first term.

  5. I agree, he was a gentlemen

    the last time I cried over a political event was when Bobby Kennedy was shot

    once again we have the feeling we CAN change the world

    I just pray that he will be safe

  6. Think you're right about McCain's speech. Also, believe we need to focus on our legislative branch now to see if they can't unify more and actually work toward a meaningful solution of issues problems.

  7. If McCain had been as eloquent and gracious during his campaign as he was last night, this race would have been a lot closer. He was at his very best.

    The last time I felt this kind of hope and pride in our country was when I volunteered on Bobby's campaign in 68. I just know this will turn out differently. Our time has come; people all over the world are celebrating and dancing in the streets!

    I'm still pinching myself...



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