Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never Is, but always To be blest:
--Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man, Epistle I, 1733

The above quote from one of my favorite poets came to mind this morning as I contemplated Obama's victory. My hopes for this country have been on hold for such a very long time that I have bordered on despair for a very long time. I know -- judging from the blogs and comments I've read this morning -- that there is a euphoria in the hearts of many. I felt some of it myself last night.

I am intensely proud that a young man from humble beginnings, and, in his wife's words, "grew up regular" with the added burden of mixed race heritage could rise to the highest office in the land. Only in America can a story like that happen. Shades of Horatio Alger!!!

I watched his speech with great interest as he displayed his vast oratorical skills and challenged us as Americans to work with him for America in an brilliant, articulate and logical fashion. "Yes. we can." are powerful words and I hope that we all come together to do our individual part to reach the goals he put forth. His candidacy energized us -- for or against -- as a nation and that's a good thing. I hope that people finally understand that voting really is important and definitely makes a difference.

The things he outlined that we can do to rebuild our nation will not come without a certain amount of pain, sacrifice and yes, dissent. Speaking as a person who has survived huge changes and challenges, I am well aware that change is messy, painful, and takes us out of our comfort zone. I also know that it is necessary for our survival.

I fear for him and his family as the nut cases will always be with us. I pray that they are kept safe. There are those who will slander and attack him verbally inciting those less stable to ill-conceived action. And I worry.

I came of age during the strife of the civil rights movement when many gave their lives for this cause. I lost friends and classmates in VietNam and am now seeing my friends' children and grandchildren being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm tired of losing our citizens here and abroad. I am tired of the divisiveness that has permeated our society and eroded our hopes and dreams.

There is not a black America and white America and Latino America
and Asian America -- there is the United States of America.
-- Barack Obama

It's time, my friends, to for us to come together and restore the United States to the glory it deserves. No, we won't blindly accept as gospel everything Obama asks of us -- our Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom allowed for that in our Constitution. But yes, we can work with him to find solutions we can all live with in harmony. My hope is that we do it. May God bless us all in this endeavor.

Yes, we can.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


P.S.: I know this is a bit disjointed but I wrote it off the top and from my heart.


  1. This was beautiful Kay....from the heart is always the best. I watched Barack's speech again this inspirational, so right. He's right. He's exactly what we need, and the American people have made him their president to work toward the change we need. He has a plan, and I truly believe...with our help...he's going to make it work. What a piece of history we have all witnessed....

  2. You said it well. I did kind of the same thing this morning. Just wrote what I felt without editing it back. It is a heartwarming time but we know the negative forces are out there and we need to be alert to them-- including in our own lives. It's time to move forward for all Americans and it will doubtless make some very upset, maybe everybody in one area or another. We have so many problems. We didn't get here overnight as as he said last night, we won't get out of this hole overnight either. Still, we are on our way and like you, I hope they are protecting him and his family well. It will be critical.

  3. Not disjointed in the least. This is a wonderful piece of heart felt writing for which we thank you for. I was inspired even as a non-American last night watching the speech. I was envious of American's to have this wonderful inspiring leader at the helm. It has been a while since any foreigner has been envious of America.
    We watched history with you all last night, and now we all watch with new set of eyes on this wonderful country that has so much promise to be the best!
    Today I took out Maya Angelo and re read some wonderful stuff.
    What a wonderful time to re read her.

  4. You said it well. It is a hopeful day today as we will hopefully come together for the good of our country. I always enjoy your take on things...

  5. I worry about him, too. Racists are alive and well. I think and hope he can really unite us.

  6. Well spoken! You said it perfectly.

  7. Kay, hurrah for you, a lovely post. Prayers and support are the best gift of all. I think they make discussion and agreement possible. Like you I grew up during the civil rights movement (born in 1945) and it is wonderful to see what was begun in that time coming to fruition now. Will look forward to reading your agreement and disagreement with what happens from here on out!

  8. That's where the best writing comes from, Kay: "off the top and from the heart."

  9. I share your fear -- I heard the danger in some of the supporters of McCain when he gave his speach

    Obama is going to need us all to work hard and pray hard to help him turn this huge ol' ship of state around and keep it from going aground

    for the first time since Bobby Kennedy was shot I actually believe I can have a hand in changing the world -- it's pretty empowering

    I'm with you Kay -- YES WE CAN!!!

  10. Kay, your post was not in the least disjointed. It was said beautifully.

    At one of Barack's rallies I say one of the Secret Service men pull Barack back when he leaned too far into the crowd to shake a hand. Barack is fearless, but his guards know this and will protect him to the best of their ability. Fortunately, he will no longer be as exposed as he has been.

    We all pray for his safety.

  11. I come from the same era (maybe a little before your beginnings). I share your thoughts and fears. I was a teenager when the first Kennedy came to the presidency. He filled us with hope; he started the dialogue that led Johnson to get the Civil Rights Bill passed.

    He never got to finish because of what and whom? will we ever really know.

    I see the useless and tasteless comments on blog sites and worry also.

    I pray for this President for all people and hope the deranged few go somewhere else; leave the rest of us, the majority, to finally feel the hope of the future.

  12. What you say is good. It is not that we feel life will be easier now, but it will be better.

  13. I love that quote from his 2004 speech

  14. The least you could do is give credit where credit is due. "Yes we can" was Bob the Builder's slogan first. As any five year old could tell you.

  15. It's what Obama said. And I have never watched Bob the Builder so I wouldn't know. Are you a Conservative being a smartass?

  16. Wait a minute, Dick! I checked and anyone who buys Anne Coulter's venom is the right mentality for Bob the Builder.

  17. Well said, Kay.
    We need to become the Re-United States of America. We need to stand behind him and pray for him and his family.
    God Bless America

  18. Cassie1:25 AM

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  19. Just goes to show Cassie that both sides have trash mouths -- but we knew that, didn't we?

    If some members of the black community are going to start this crapola, it's going to cause major polarization and they are hurting Obama instead of helping him.

    AND they should remember, as I keep pointing out, Obama's mother was white and she's the one who raised him. We moms are a big factor in our children's development so many ways.


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