Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Announcement, A Victory and Random Thoughts

I probably won't be doing much here for the next week or so. Yeah, the groaners will be here as usual but not much else. Yesterday I had to remove myself from my own party because I got hit with a huge panic attack that invited, what Hemingway called, "the Black Dog" to come out of the shadows where he lurks on the fringe of my so-called life. I'm not sure what triggered it: the weather, the endless cold or some such that I'm fighting, the upcoming holiday season or just my life in general. After the gals helped me clean up yesterday, I put myself to bed and stayed there and cried and slept. I didn't go to the victory party.

My phones have been ringing all morning and I haven't answered either. I think I need to do some serious thinking about Life, the Universe and Everything and where and if I fit into any of it. I am, however, going to be writing a couple segments on my other blog: How I Got to Be Me. If y'all choose to read them, you'll see why in addition to the fact that I've been ignoring it far too long.

It was a grey and frigid day in Ohio but the football gods were obviously in Columbus as the Ohio State Buckeyes kicked the you -know-what out of the University of Michigan's Wolverines 42-7. I was particularly proud that the young man in the picture above, Brian Hartline, contributed two touchdowns to the win. He is an an alumni of the suburban high school my children attended. (Actually, I attended it, too, but explaining that is 'way too complicated and irrelevant to this post.) We were whooping and hollering big time all afternoon. And no, beer was not the beverage du jour except to celebrate the win. Coffee was! The food was great and was pretty much what I expected -- isn't it funny how everyone has "signature" dishes they make for various parties? At any rate, we were well-fed and happy and our guys won -- definitely a good day!!! Thanks to all of y'all for your support!

* My blog layout is a mess. I did some updating and now my sidebar is stuck at the bottom of the page. I'm trying all sorts of things to get it back where it belongs. Blogger help, as usual, is helpless as is their support group. Advice and assistance is needed desperately. "Techie" is not a word that applies to me so any and all input/advice would be welcome.

* The turkey slaughter video (I refuse to dignify it by linking it -- if you haven't seen it and are curious, go to YouTube and search for it.) with Sarah Palin was, at best, tacky. How she could be so oblivious to what was going on around her again demonstrated that her thirst for power and attention overrides any sense of propriety or decency she may. This should be a red flag to anyone with a working brain cell left. I think she's like a gory bad accident -- you can't help but look when you drive it. Look for a press conference of her making excuses for herself. And my question is: Why in the hell are we still being bombarded with her? You lost, Sarah!!! The 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol promised over!!!! Get over it! And to the press: give it up --she lost the election for McCain!! The majority of your viewers don't like her and are sick of your enchantment with her.

* I think we skipped autumn in Ohio or just got the condensed version because it's snowed and the temperatures are the sort we usually don't see until January. This doesn't bode well for me. I'm definitely a creature of the sun. It's gonna be a longgggggggg winter I'm afraid. So much for global warming, Al!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. (((((Kay)))))

    Healing thoughts and energy coming your way from me, dear friend.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about Sarah. I won't even get into it Kay. It's just disgusting.

    I can only send you big hugs sweetie...I know you love the energetic sun; and long snowy winter days aren't the best for you, but please stay well and keep faith. We are all here for each other. I think there's a lot of us who would just as soon not have all the snow this year....I'm starting to be one of much as I love to look at it. Much love, Joy

  3. I am glad the Buckeye's won, but sorry that you are in, what appears to be, a funk. Maybe a good cry is just what you needed and I hope you will be your sunny cheerful self tomorrow.

    I can identify with hating cold gloomy days and that's why I never want to move from here again. Been there, done that.

  4. Kay,

    Like all your friends/supporters in blogland, I am sad that you're sad. Winter is hard for so many of us so I know what you mean about that.

    In addition, there is a darkness all around as we wait to hear successive shoes dropping in our economy. Besides how it may personally affect me, there's the pain we feel as we hear others' dilemnas.

    Hoping there's a clearing for you before too long. Take your time.

    Yours, naomi

  5. I don't answer my phone a lot, an it takes me weeks at times to return a phone call. My work is so demanding and puts this hermit-at-heart with so many people that I must have my solitude at home. Please take care of yourself, and know you're touching many lives through your blog.

    Re: Sarah ... yes, I saw that turkey video. I am embarrassed this woman was on a presidential ticket.

  6. Congratulations on the Buckeyes' win. I know the gloomy feelings that seem to come with wet and grey days. My moods seen to follow along with the weather. The cold is bearable as long as it has sunshine with it. Well, almost. The cold has put our morning walks on hold until spring. Hopefully, we will get a little sun to lighten your mood and mine.

  7. Love you Kay -- I wish you nothing but peace and a speeding return to health

    I'll be sending you lots of positive thoughts and sending up a lot of prayers for you to

    Be well

  8. Kay, I hope you are feeling better now. At least your team won big-time on Saturday. This whole holiday period is a rough one for those of us who get depressed easily. Liked your groaners. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving.

  9. hope you are feeling better soon. I understand all too well about panic attacks. Very scary and no reason even sometimes for why. Take care, my friend.


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