Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Update and a Video

I felt nearly human this morning so I was off and running to do some taking care of business: the ubiquitous paperwork, post office to send the bills I still mail, an oil change for Miss Ruby groceries and assorted other nonsense and, oh yeah, a trip to the doc.

What a surprise when I walked in the office and Melvin (who I call my Guatemalan kid) greeted me with a hug and, "What are you doing here?" "Estoy enferma." (I'm sick.) He introduced me to one of our clients who was there for her checkup and took off for the office telling her he'd be back to take her home. Ana and I had a nice conversation as I admired her beautiful two-month old daughter, Filomena, who behaved perfectly with no fussing. The clinic's secretaries were marveling at me nattering on en espanol and I noticed weird looks from other patients, too. I guess I don't look as if I should speak Spanish. I saw the doc (not my regular doc) and my fever was down but I still had a few issues so she gave me a couple new scrips that I hope will clear this thing up once and for all. I asked a couple questions and actually got answers. Good stuff. I wish this doc were my doc all the time.

When I finally got home, Richard called and we're going to try to get out for shopping and lunch soon. He's planning to move and says I have to help him decorate -- like he needs it. I was tired and decided to skip city council tonight. I had some rather pointed remarks that I planned to make but they can wait until another time.

I had a post planned but with one thing and another, it didn't get written. Priorities, dontcha know? Instead, I'm posting this excellent video. I'm not much of a fan of Keith Olbermann but I think he got it right this time taking the McCain-Palin to task.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Glad you are feeing better and starting to sound like your old self.

  2. For several years I never missed a Keith Olberman show, but around the time of the primaries he finally got to me with his tirades against Hillary, so I tuned him out. I just felt he'd gotten too full of himself, but I'm glad to see through this video that he still has some of the old spark. Glad I didn't miss this one.


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