Friday, October 10, 2008

Random Thoughts Between Coughing Fits

Yeah, I'm still hacking my lungs out. I had to go back to the doc because the antibiotics didn't help. I now have the heavy duty antibiotics, prednisone and an inhaler. Yuck! Fortunately, I'm off until Wednesday. I have to get well. I want to get away for a few days before winter blows into NE Ohio and things are starting to settle a bit.

* I really shouldn't complain about this stuff -- it's the first time I've been this sick in a couple years other than the aches and pains that have cropped up since my stroke. I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in mostly.

* Election 2008 is challenging my last nerve. The pit bull should be arrested for inciting the citizenry. I swear someone is going to get hurt as a result of her venom. And the nasty campaign ads and mud-slinging are the worst I've heard in decades on the planet. I remember all the nastiness about JFK in 1950 about his being Catholic and how the Pope was going to take over the country. (Today they'd be worried about his stance on the right to life issue). Today it's Obama's race. Does it occur to these people that he is bi-racial and he was raised by his white mother and maternal grandparents in Hawaii -- probably the most racially diverse state in the Union? I've been of the mind that our environment shapes us mostly. Lately, it's the "guilt by association" thing. Tell me who among us doesn't have, in our circle of acquaintance, people whose views we don't share and have less than perfect backgrounds? I want to be judged on my own my own merits not some of the people I happen to know for one reason or another. And yeah, I still wanna vote "NO!" for president. (stepping down from my soapbox until the next mini-rant attack appears)

* There's a new award in my sidebar. It came courtesy of BearNaked -- a darling lady with one of the prettiest blogs around. It's her very own design -- it's the Bouquet of Bears Award -- and absolutely darling!!!! I apologize for putting it up so late. It isn't that I'm not honored; it's that I've been slothful in blog maintenance. Life intrudes on blogging, dontcha know? Thanks, Bear, for such a lovely award!

* There's a another new award in my sidebar. Dear Joy of Six (thanks, my friend!) who has been my blogging buddy almost since the beginning awarded me a lovely award, that originated in Portugal or Brazil. It celebrates the closeness that blogging brings and is given for friendship and loving generosity. The rules are to pass it on to 8 blogging friends who have brought me laughter, joy and friendship through blogging. This is a real toughie but I think I can do it! In no particular order, I choose:

  1. Rain of Rainy Day Thoughts
  2. Fran at Sacred Ordinary
  3. Judy at Imagine . . .
  4. M.E. at Xtreme English
  5. Hal at Always Question
  6. Jo at Along the Way
  7. Naomi at A Little Red Hen
  8. Steph at Incurable Insomniac

* I like Blogger's new "Blogs I'm Following" feature. And I'm slowly but sure getting y'all added. It lets me know when y'all post new stuff. Somehow Bloglines has never worked well for me. I like it that they show me who has a new post right at my dashboard. Cool, huh? I'll really love it when they get all the bugs worked out. So far it's helping me get around to visit a bit better.

* Is anyone but me worried about Golden Lucy? She hasn't posted since July! I hope and pray she is all right.

Hope y'all are having a great day. I am firmly planted here with my meds and the Buckeyes and old movies. I don't know why. but I watched "Pretty Woman" last night and cried like a baby at the end. That's never happened before. Yeah, I like it but cry? I only cry at the end of "Casablanca" when Bogie tells Bergman, "We'll always have Paris" and I always will.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I suffered with a horrible cough and my doctor cured it with Nexium. It seemed to be caused by acid reflux. You can buy Prilosec over the counter and maybe you could try it for a few days. A constant cough is the most horrible plague.

  2. Annie: I have an upper respiratory infection and the new antibiotics seem to be kicking in. Hallelujah!

  3. I see you have the award in your side bar....great! I have it too Kay...thanks to Virginia....AGAIN! She got me the code....she's amazing. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie...and I sure hope you are feeling better and that antibiotic has kicked in...if not, get a better one. It was really good to talk...and laugh with you the other night Kay....Much love, Joy

  4. I hope the antibiotics continue to kick that nasty bug out. I would imagine you are also sleep deprived. Coughing in the night is the worst part of a respiratory infection for me.

    Get well soon.

  5. ufda! so sorry you have that yucky cough, kay! have you tried my hot water/lemon juice/honey/garlic potion?
    to 1 cup of boiling water, add juice of half a lemon, 2 T honey, 1 or 2 cloves of squeezed garlic, and drink it up! lots of folks add bourbon, but that only makes me cough harder.

    thanks so much for including me among your 8 blogging friends. gee. that's a swell group, and i'm honored and touched!

    long-distance hugs from the city of you-know-who....m.e.

  6. Kay, I hope by now that you are feeling better, due to new meds! Thank you so much for the award; you are a dear! I hope I can manage to get it into my sidebar - but if past experience is judged, it may not happen! I am proud to among that list of people.

  7. P.S. Yes, I have wondered about Lucy; I hope she'll post soon, or that someone can tell us what's going on.

  8. Sorry to read you are so sick, my dear....! I understand all about "lungs" and illness....So I hope you recover quickly with the help of ALL these things you are taking!

    I am concerned, too, about Lucy....And I'm not sure how we can find out what is happening...I too pray she is okay!

    This Election stuff has me soooo depressed...! The hatred and lies that are being perpetrated by the McCain/Palin campaign is beyond shocking. It is sickening and just tells me that both of them and their teams have no shame and put themselves first over country. The need to win is that great that they don't care who they hurt or how untruthful the things they say are! SHAMEFUL, beyond words!

  9. I hope you feel better, Kay. Check out today's Parade Magazine (if your newspaper includes it). There is a list of the perpetually tan George Hamilton's favorite romance movies, and he included Pretty Woman and Casablanca.

  10. hope you're feeling better soon, and glad to see your cough hasn't prevented the occasional political rant!

    I agree, what the pit bull is doing is the equivalant of yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre, and is exactly what I have feared during this whole campaign

    take care -- enjoy those old movies!


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