Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stating My Position after Attack

I have been amazed at the response to my thoughts on Sarah Palin. I thought that perhaps I was too strident or off the wall but I only seemed to have raised one blood pressure. Oh well. Someone wiser than I -- paraphrasing here -- said that opinions are like bellybuttons -- everybody has one and is entitled to one. (The someone used a different, less polite part of human anatomy if you get my drift.)

What annoyed me is that the offended party appeared to assume that I am an Obama supporter with the implication that I'm left wing despite my weekly statements that I have not made a decision and find BOTH major party candidates less than attractive.

If you read here frequently, you know that I am a Constitutionalist. I believe that our civil liberties are under attack with heinous bills like HR 1955 and SR 1959 and have written often and at length about both. These are merely two pieces of legislation that have put the liberty guaranteed us by the Constitution under attack. There are others and I'm not even mentioning all the violations of the various amendments by the Bush administration.

I've pretty much decided that regarding Election 2008, I will do as I am exhorted to do by my priest when faced with a crisis of faith: examine my conscience and act accordingly. I recommend that others do the same and vote their conscience. This isn't a horse race or a beauty pageant -- it's the future of our country and I want to be able to sleep at night and die an honest woman when I look back on this election.

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  1. Yeah, Volly, but it's always 20/20.

  2. Sadly, many of us seem to have misplaced our ability to reason and what remains is a binary partisan world where one is either for us or against us.
    My boss with a graduate degree from USC agrees with me on almost every issue including universal health care, but can't support a Democrat because they would raise taxes.
    Sarah Palin is the draw at a country club in Ohio but Obama is an elitist for doing the same thing in California.
    How does one reason with these people?

  3. I gave up on that long ago, AQ!!! I realized that reason was suspended a long time ago. Another blogging friend and I talked on the phone yesterday about this. She is definitely liberal while I walk the middle ground but we're both intelligent enough to talk without getting irrational. A funny twist was that we both would have voted for Goldwater if we'd know how badly LBJ had lied to us. Old Barry was a better man than the bozos we're looking at today. As a matter of fact, Barry Jr. is not supporting McCain. He is, like his father, a true conservative and that isn't a bad thing despite what some people say. What we're seeing are neocons who have only a nodding acquaintance with the Constitution and have forgotten who elected them. The Democratic party is on overload with "limousine liberals" who have no idea what we ordinary mortals want and need. Both just keep spending our future to oblivion.

    There are no easy answers but what we need are answers that won't mortgage our grandchildren's future. How many millionaires do we need to bail out before we stop voting based on God, Guns and Gays?

  4. Anagramming Sarah Palin gives us Piranha Sal ;-)

  5. kay, been busy doing voter registration and trying to get my head around new how new Mac works. think you'd enjoy what one crochet artist i know did with sarah-ish notion.

    since you know where i stand, 'nuff said! -naomi

  6. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Having voted for Goldwater, and now wondering why I did that, the only thing that following my conscience would buy me would be instant reduction to jelly. The schism in my thinking is caused by truly believing that the world will be worse off for having suffered through a McCain/Palin slate OR an Obama/Biden slate. I hate to see incompetents and panderers get into office, no matter what their political bent. Older n Dirt

  7. I'm just about of the mind that I can't vote for any of them. Choosing between Tweedledum and Tweedledumber isn't my cuppa.

  8. Good advice and I might add to stay listening and watch what is going on. With our economy going through what it is, this is no time to stop paying attention. I also am concerned about our Constitution and hope enough Americans keep that out there to make the politicians care. They won't otherwise. Any power they can grab, they will

  9. Sing it, sister!!!!!!!!!!!!


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