Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin Was Here and Nobody's Talking

Sarah Palin was here Monday evening to hobnob with the upper crust of our county at the country club and raised a million bucks for McCain-Palin. To get in the door cost $2,500; a picture with her levied ten grand. Twenty-five grand netted an invite to a reception before dinner. Too rich for my blood. Joe Biden is coming here soon and it doesn't cost a nickel.

According to the local newspaper, she waxed poetic about Ohioans and our beloved Buckeyes. And she talked about the obligatory topics of jobs and oil to people for whom neither the former nor the latter is a problem while most folks in the county were dumping the contents of their refrigerators and freezers due to the huge power outage. (Today 59% of the 13,000 households are still without power.) I know what a huge ouch it's going to be to refill my fridge with food prices so high and there's just me. I feel really sorry for those with families without jobs and can't help but think how that million dollars raised could help those affected. I know . . . I know . . . be still my bleeding heart. From the coverage I saw, she really didn't say much of note.

She did a "photo op" at the airport for the press. She did express concern for the plight of Ohioans affected by the windstorms. Surveying the damage would have given her more credibility in my not so humble opinion. Maybe viewing the damage from the limo on the Interstate on her drive to Youngstown for the next rally/fund raiser counts.

I haven't written about Sarah and probably won't again so I'm going give y'all my take on her here and now. I am astounded that the Republican party has settled for her. Her profound lack of experience is the main reason and there's been little or no information on her educational credentials. As a woman who was an officer of the PTA (as well as various social and civic organizations), a soccer, swimming, track, and softball mom, and a community organizer (which Ms. Palin has elevated to cuss word status) for over forty years, I don't feel qualified to be a heartbeat away presidency. I do feel qualified to state that neither is Sarah Palin.

And yeah, I still want to vote NO! for president and so it goes . . .

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!

Kay (in cranky mode)

[Afterthought: I wonder what Kurt Vonnegut would be saying about this election if he were still with us. I KNOW Barry Goldwater is rolling in his grave.]


  1. Since you aint into Being There (remember the movie?), Kay, I shopped a photo for you , at

  2. LOL Stu!!! And yes, I remember
    "Being There" -- I loved Peter Sellers!!!!

  3. Funny and so right on about Goldwater

  4. Gloria Steinem said much the same thing, ---she (Palin) didn't got to the right schools, (implying therefore she had to be ignorant and stupid)---that is basically the leftist's answer to anything they dislike. the opposition is either stupid, or lieing---they as a rule totally ignore anything west of the hudson, except Hollywood where they come to get more money and listen to Barbara Sing.

  5. I haven't thought much about Sarah Palin. I think she's a flash in the pan and the flash is fading. One concern I have is probably not going to be popular with a lot of other women, but I think it's a valid issue. If McCain/Palin were elected, there is a higher probability that she would ascend to the presidency than other vice presidents, just based on actuarial tables. And she has shown that she is still plenty fertile and has no interest in using birth control. I really don't want to risk having a pregnant president. The other women who have been, however briefly, in the position where they might be president showed by their lives that they weren't going to have any more babies, for whatever reason. Not Gov. Palin.

    Sexist? Maybe. But the risks inherent pregnancy, especially for an older woman, ought to be considered. The Republicans could really be voting in Nancy Pelosi by voting for McCain/Palin.

  6. Are you calling me a leftist, Gary? Those are fightin' words out here in flyover country.

    I'm so damned middle of the road if it were illegal, I'd get busted!!!!

    I've listened to Ms. Palin and formed an opinion -- so sue me.

    As to Gloria Steinem, you, like so many Republicsns, call anyone who disagrees with you left wing and imply elitism of the Ivy League. Gloria Steinem is from Toledo, Ohio, where I grew up. I could care less where she went to college or Sarah Palin went to college -- I just want to know if she went to college 'cause I don't see it in her speeches.

    Barry Goldwater would have been ashamed of what his party has become.

  7. Rain,

    I frankly liked Barry. He valued the Constitution, sound money, and personal freedom -- something no one seems to want these days. At that point in my life I was young and idealistic so I didn't understand him very well.

    Maybe I'm starting to grow up a bit because I don't think either party is giving us what it needs or wants. I've never seen so many undecided people at election time. I've am really disappointed in the people who are voting one issue instead of looking at the big picture. It's said.

  8. Judy: Thanks, sis!!!

    JP: Now there's a wrinkle I never considered. I will cogitate on it as I think it's really quite worthy of consideration.

  9. Your account of Palin's visit reminds me of the old Rocky & Bullwinkle show:

    "And the crowd went wild!!!"


    Pelosi as president? Dear God, stop the world, I wanna get off.

  10. Apropos GOP meetings, may I ask y'all to read this :-

    Germany has been there, done that, 70 years ago :-(

  11. Thanks, Stu!!!! I hope everyone goes and checks this out. It frightened me but I really wasn't surprised.

  12. During the Reagan years I wasn't the happiest camper in the tent. I read an interview with Goldwater and thought to myself, "Now, THAT'S a Republican!"

    Hindsight. It's a beautiful (not) thing.

  13. From Jo Page's article in Metroland (Albany, NY):
    At a rally in Missouri, Former Clinton supporter Ann Breshears told the Wall Street Journal why she now supports Palin: “She’s like the people I know. Her husband snowmobiles. We drive tractors and fly airplanes.”
    Spoken like another thoughtful voter.

    This hurts my head.

  14. The Palin debacle is unbelievably scary.

    Yeah, I want a man in the top office who would select such a running mate to be next in line...


  15. I agree with you Kay, as a responsivle voter, one should read both sides of any issue and then vote one's own personal beliefs, and in your comment above I assume you don't so much care where a person stands on any particular issue, just as long as they use good grammar in stating it?? (LOL) (just kidding Kay, I did mean to imply in my earlier comment that you were a leftist, only that your review sounded alot of the leftist doggeral (check out the Huffington post today according the them, "The USA is a nation of Village Idiots"----nice huh?

  16. Volly: somone wiser than I said, "Hindsight is always 20/20.

    Roger: That hurts my head, too. It reminds me of my mother -- a pretty smart lady who tended to vote for the more handsome candidate or the one with the prettier wife. And I wonder why she never understood me. . . I was the daughter who wasn't perfect enough or pretty enough. Oh well.
    AND thanks for coming by -- don't be a stranger.

    Pattie: I am scared as hell!! This Election has me tap-dancing on the edge. Let's all emigrate to Mexico and become a problem to them! We can watch the devastation from the sidelines.

    Gary: Yes, I require good grammar, spelling and sentence structure -- my majors in college were Spanish and English so sue me and I'll cuss you out in two languages. I also require logic and common sense.

    I'm not crazy about The Huffington Post but McCain in choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate just means that TWO villages are missing their idiots. Let's send them back home!

  17. Steph: Why am I not surprised that you loved Bullwinkle, too? LOL


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