Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Thoughts After a Busy Week

It's been a busy, high stress week filled with all sorts of fun: meetings, work, housework, bureaucratic B.S., business and assorted other nonsense. I'm kind of political this week 'cause I'm really upset about the proposed bailout so please excuse my ranting. Then again: I blog therefore I rant.

* I changed my car insurance carrier this week. I got my bill and the cost increased $160 a year -- a whopping 21%. I called my provider and asked why. I had no accidents or moving violations -- I didn't even have so much as a parking ticket during the past year. Why did they raise it? Well, it seems that they ran credit checks on all their clients and anyone with less than perfect credit got this hefty raise. It's another tax on the poor basically. No, my credit isn't perfect and yeah, I am late on bills once in a while but never my car insurance. I'm late but it's usually because of the way my Social Insecurity check arrives. I get it on the third Wednesday of the month and that varies by as much as a week. Not fun on a slim budget like mine. What I want to know is what one's credit rating has to do with driving ability. If something happens to my car, they are the ones who have to pay -- not me. And if I don't send my check on time, I don't have insurance. It's that simple so why penalize us? I think the answer is because they can and that sucks. It's what happens when you're dealing with people who buy and pay for Congress Critters.

* I wish I could recall where I saw this comment about Sarah Palin: "She's really cute and I just love her hairstyle." Gag!!!! And that's a reason to vote for her? Her hairstyle is went out with the 60s. I think half the girls at my Junior-Senior prom in 1965 wore their hair that way. (I didn't -- at 5'10", I didn't need help.)

* Oh yeah, George W. Bush is telling us that we gotta bail out Wall Street by giving 700 billion bucks and full power on how it's managed/distributed to his buddy, Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulson. If this happens, I think we should hit the streets in protest. Doesn't just handing Paulson 700 billion with free rein smack of Swiss bank accounts for him and his cronies including G.W. Bush?

* I wrote an email to my Senators and Congress Critter about the bailout and I'm going to post their responses here next week. I hope y'all wrote them, too and post them, too. Let me know if y'all do, I like to know who the damn fools are running this country.

* I watched the debates last night and I'm not much closer to deviating from my stance of voting "no" for president. I thought it pretty good on the whole and Obama didn't fall flat on his face on foreign policy like all the right wing talking heads are going to say he did. I hope in the next debate they nail both candidates down to specifics. As far as the V.P. debate goes, I only have one question: Are they gonna let Sarah talk? Frankly, I think Joe Biden is smart enough to bait her into a meltdown.

* I watched David Letterman the other night and it seems John McCain was supposed to be a guest but cancelled because he was heading to the airport to go to D.C. about the bailout. Dave was angry and it showed. Below is the video -- proof positive that McCain plays fast and loose with the truth.

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  1. Really crazy world in which we're living now, if we thought it was strange before. Glad to check in and see you're chugging along well despite the madness that surrounds us. I finally have been able to get a new post up with my take on some matters.

    I thought the debates were better than any that have been done before in recent years. Hope the rest improve even more.

  2. Now you know where all that money comes from to give the CEO of your insurance company a big fat bonus every year.

    Bear((( )))

  3. Did you see Plain's interview with Katie Couric? I'd vote for Katie before Sarah Palin. Thursday's debate: I can't wait!

  4. Sometimes we have to vote for the lessor of two evils. Obama is not perfect, but he will obviously change the direction of the country and seems to have the temperament and intelligence to deal with this multiple mess the next president will inherit. I would vote for him just to help keep Palin from being our next president.

  5. Jo: I'll be over!!!! I'm sorry your connection woes are continuing.

    Bear: Uh-huh!!! It sucks, too. My agent told me that I'm not the only one who changed.

    Amy: Right on!!!

    Darlene: I've been voting for what I thought was the lesser of two evils since I've been old enough to vote and I'm tired of it.

  6. Yeah, Kay. I know having to vote for incompetent candidates sucks just like the way you have been charged unfairly. I don't blame you for being angry. I'm angry that I am being charged unfairly for dental work I didn't authorize. I was under anesthetic for a fillng and the dentist did scaling. I didn't know he was going to do it and didn't even know what he was doing until I got the bill.

    They say. "Don't get mad - get even." How can we when the insurance companies have all the power?

  7. That's tough about the car insurance, but they have us by the short hairs, don't they? Our SS checks come in the 4th week of the month, and most of our bills are due on the 1st of each month, giving virtually no time at all to get the checks written and mailed. I don't know how to solve the problem.

  8. Yeah, Darlene, it sure does. The reason I hate politicians so much is that they all take money from the lobbyists and it isn't nickels and dimes. I think Dennis the Menace (Kucinich) -- one of our more outrageous Buckeyes -- is one of the few that doesn't. I think I'm going to go look it up and see who's in bed with who. If I can find a list, I'm going to link it here so y'all can see who is enriching our Congress Critters. It could be a huge help in decisions when voting.

    It's a mess Judy. Most months my phone bill is due before my check is deposited and I wind up paying an extra five bucks on my bill and that adds up. I mean to try to get them to change my due date to the 25th but really haven't the energy to fight yet. I've found that online bill paying works well for me as I don't have to worry if the Post Awful delivers things in a timely fashion. When I hit "pay", it's paid. I print the receipt and for insurance, I have my bank statement.


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