Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Cranky Thoughts on a Perfect Fall Day

The skies are a clear, brilliant blue and this morning there's a bit of a chill. It's what we call, here in my part of Ohio, good football weather. From the little leagues to the pros, we are avid (read: rabid) fans.

I'm cranky because my landlord's insurance carrier sent a guy out to check for hail damage and he dragged my dead asker out of bed too early -- no rest for the wicked! When Dan was by last week to work on the plumbing and fix a few other things, I mentioned the hailstorm and that a lot of new roofs, siding, and assorted other repairs were taking place in the 'hood. He didn't realize that it affected us here and asked me to send him the photos I'd taken.

* Aside from the Browns and the OSU Buckeyes and following my high school's team, I am really not a huge fan. My children played soccer and their father was a referee so our Fall was spent at the soccer field. Yeah, I'm proud to have been a soccer mom despite Rush Limbaugh having turned it into a dirty phrase. We also had season tickets to the football games because my Kate was in the marching band. I used to tease my son's football-playing buddies that it was nice of them to entertain us before and after the band show. They laughed a lot because they knew I hollered as loud in the stands as their parents did. Several went on to play college ball and I kept an eye on their careers.

* Kent McKamy of Kentsusdrive sent along a link to an interesting perspective at an equally interesting site that might cause a body to re-think their position on Election 2008. Read it and weep. I did. And yeah, I still want to vote NO for president.

* If y'all are a regular reader here, you know that I questioned Sarah Palin's educational background which, since they aren't flaunting it, gave me pause. I learned from the link above that she attended four colleges in six years and flunked out of one of them and this was when the universities had begun "dumbing down" education. I really shouldn't throw stones. In the mid-60s (pre-debacle with the Guard) I dropped out of Kent State's main campus after two years because I realized that I was having entirely too good a time. I didn't flunk out despite nonexistent study, however but my grades weren't worthy of the full scholarship they gave me. Blame it on discovering beer, boys, hell-raising and realizing that I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up -- I still don't -- but I'm still ashamed that I didn't work to my potential. The G.O.P is again ignoring and insulting our intelligence that we the people want to know about things like education.

* Another beef I have with Sarah is that if I had five kids -- especially if one was a special needs infant and another preggers at seventeen -- I'd be damned if I'd be running for office. Five kids are a full-time career if one does it right. Heck! The Dynamic Duo seemed like two full-time jobs at times. I have sincere doubts that someone who hasn't got her personal issues in order can put the country in order.

* Joe Biden was here on Thursday. The tickets were free and he was speaking within a good, healthy walk from my place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I couldn't go because I had to work but about 2,500 of my fellow citizens turned out to hear him -- not bad for a work day morning. Interesting and ironic that $2,500 is what it cost Republicans to have dinner with Sarah when she visited earlier this week. There are stories and video on his speech here. He talked a lot about the economy -- a good move in a city whose industry was sold out when steel died and jobs that pay a living wage are thin on the ground. As always, I take everything politicians say with a huge grain of salt. After 61 years on the planet, I can't do otherwise.

* Most of us finally have our lights on although it will be a while until street lights are back on. I'm just glad that most of the traffic lights are back on -- the lack of them caused some nasty fender benders. It never ceases to amaze me that people don't know that if a traffic light is not functioning, an intersection immediately becomes a 4-way stop.

* Good news in the darkness: The Department of Job and Family Services is providing funds to the poor to replace contents of refrigerators lost in the outage. And many of the churches here sprung to action and provided hot meals to those without power.

* As usual, Jack Cafferty is on top of things. This video says a lot -- especially the comments. My answer to his question is: Good Lord, I hope so. More than enough is more than enough!

I've another overloaded week ahead and hope to get through it as quickly and smoothly as possible. Y'all keep good thoughts and prayers for me as I do for y'all!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Kay, thanks a lot fro the Red Room link. I'm going to poke around there a bit more.

    I agree about Palin. I don't think she should be shirking her parenting duties, under those circumstances.

  2. Judy: Interesting site, no? Re: Palin as mom I'm old fashioned -- family first. My kids didn't ask to be born -- I owed them my attention.


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