Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Housework Random Thoughts

It's Saturday and the Kay is in cleaning mode. Somewhere underneath it all is my apartment. I decided that if I straightened and organized things, I might feel better.

* Did y'all know I'm a licensed pilot? I pile it here . . . pile it there . . . you get the picture -- right?

* Yesterday I went to a retirement party and dinner for my friend June who I worked with at one of ny assignments a while back yesterday. Marcia organized the whole thing and it was lovely. She even put together a guest book with photos of all the guests so they could leave a message next to his/her photo. Cool, huh?

* After the dinner at the Eagles, Marcia and I went to the dinner theater where her cousin had produced yet another great show: "Remembering Moonlight Gardens" which was, for many, many years the local dance spot. During WWII, it featured the Big Bands and was, for years afterward, a favorite place for the older crowd to go dancing. My Senior Prom was there (yawn). Don't get me wrong -- it was nice but I really wasn't into the whole thing as I hated high school. Still, it was an excellent production and we enjoyed it immensely. There were a lot of elders in the audience (including Marcia's in-laws) and she got some photos of them dancing. I love Big Band music -- my parents met at a Big Band dance in Milwaukee during the war -- and my dad used to sing all the songs to me when I was small. I can still sing a lot of them.

* At the office, we bid our summer interns farewell Thursday as all but one are returning to college. They are a great group of young people and I'll miss them. The young man who isn't returning to college -- just graduated -- is going to do an internship in Russia this winter and I asked him to email me now and again and let me know what he's doing. I think he has a great future.

* Friday was also doctor day. I have to get more tests and they want my cholesterol to drop. Sigh. Maybe if my appetite ever comes back, I'll eat again. And I think I'm going to be radioactive yet again.

* Our almost new mayor shot himself in the foot again, in my opinion, by calling a meeting with neighborhood leaders with minimal notice on Thursday. No way I could attend without a couple days notice -- doing so would have been disrespectful to my boss. I will not support his re-election. Any elected official who is left with a balanced budget and three a million dollar surplus and in August only has a million of that surplus left is a bit profligate for my taste and several council critters (not from the opposing party) agree.

It's been a difficult week in many ways but nice in others. Reminds me of Emerson's essay on compensation. Oh well.

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Hee, hee - Licensed Pilot - that's great!

  2. Good Morning Kay
    I love that pilot joke.
    I'm going to steal it from you and use it tonight when I go to a corn roast hosted by a close friend.
    (I will give all the credit to you after the laughter stops.)

    I also have to lower my cholesterol.
    I have until November and the doctor said if it isn't lowered by then then I will have to go on the pills.
    Good bye ham, good bye bacon and good bye red meat.
    Gee I wonder why the level is so high, eh?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Bear((( )))

  3. Oh you are so clever, as is my spouse. He always tells prospective employees that he's looking for a good pilot (pile it).

    Love the big bands. When I was in high school I was in our stage band as well as the symphonic and marching bands. The stage band toured and played all Big Band music. It was the thrill of a life time.

    Our doctor day is Monday. Thanks for the reminder:-)

  4. I "pilot" too.....LOL

    I also love big band music and used to play some of it on the piano.

  5. I guess we will all be using that clever pilot joke. Hardy har har.

    Nostalgia - big band music - oh to hear them again; Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorey, Les Brown, Harry James, Jimmy Dorsey, Stan Kenton, et. al. No music will ever be as good.

  6. I've used that line for years. Glad y'all enjoyed it.

  7. Pilot??? Oh-h-h-h.... I always aspired to being a pilot -- up in the air -- but never achieved more than being co-pilot. I've had no difficulty whatsoever in being a pilot on the ground and you have only to visit my house to confirm that. (Please don't come 'cause I won't let you in the door it's so bad.)

    All my organizational skills in this house disintegrated when my husband died and I simultaneously lost myself in the computer, then blogging. I'm fine outside of here but have been unable to get on top of anything in the house since. If you can think of anything to get me going -- which I desperately need to do -- please let me know. I tend to think if I stopped blogging and retired the computer I could "just do it."


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