Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Random Thoughts after a Crazy Week

It was a long week and now I get to catch up on a multitude of things that languished while I was having entirely too much fun.

* The pool party was a ball. We laughed a lot. And it was agreed that we're going to keep the tradition going as long as we can. I mentioned that I was thinking of moving and was sternly told that I had to live near the parade route so we have a base for the parade. We shall see. I am going to be checking some things out before I make that decision. The suggestion was made that we do First Friday every month since we don't get together often enough. It's a worthy thought but we shall see.

* From my Recurring Themes Department: Is anyone besides me tired of Election 2008? And yeah, I still want to vote 'NO' for president.

* To anyone who missed the earlier announcements,
How I Got to Be Me has moved. All the segments are together and future installments will be posted there. There will be a few more. I haven't decided what I'll do with it when I'm done.

* I'll be doing some housekeeping here. Has anyone tried out Blogger's new blogroll feature? Whaddaya think?

* I apologize for my cranky note on Saturday. Blame it on a long tiring day/week. The recent breakup was obviously harder for me than I thought. Sigh. I'm tired of fat, crabby, hypercritical old men who want me to be perfect and think everything I do is wrong and I think I'll pass on future relationships.

* I'm trying to get around and visit y'all despite my burgeoning "gotta do" list. I do appreciate y'all stopping by and feel awful when I don't return your kindness.

* I'm glad I have a doctor's appointment soon. I keep waking up in the middle of the night with my legs aching terribly. I, being the glutton for punishment that I am, get up and hobble around. I think I'd best get this checked.

* I got a call from my son as I was writing this. He is seriously excited -- he was just hired by the University of Nevada at Reno as their head swimming coach!!!!! He's leaving to go out there this weekend and starts work next week and will start house-hunting. Jen is going to take care of selling their house and getting things ready to move. I know those two -- they are charmed -- and all will go well and Drake, their oldest will start school on time in September. Jen already checked and the pharmacy chain needs her out there so she will be okay workwise. I have to start saving up for a trip out there -- I have a wonderful friend out there who wants me to visit. Pray that I get to see the boys before they leave.

* Some idiot just turned at my corner and drove his car into a tree and ran away. It scared the you-know-what outta me. I think my thoughts about moving need to be a bit more serious.

Hope y'all have a great week!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. The Blog List is a neat little widget. I had trouble with the text color because of my particular template, but everyone else's looks good. Still futzing around with it.

  2. Boy you definitely have many random thoughts going on don't you?
    Haven't tried the blog role widget yet myself.
    Hurray for your son and his new job.

    Bear((( )))

  3. Heck, I haven't found time to post, much less to fiddle with my template!
    I'm the last one on earth to take relationship advice from. I don't do expectations anymore - "This is me; love it or leave it." - but I've also been told that's extraordinarily selfish of me.
    Be true to yourself, and you'll be alright.

  4. Thanks, AQ! You are always a source of sense for me.

  5. .....wonderful news about your son's new job.afraid i haven't kept up with all Bloggers new features ,it must be creeping septugenarianism (?)

  6. I haven't tried the new widget, since my blogroll is courtesy of Bloglines.

    Good for your son! I wish them well, and I hope you get to see them before they leave.

  7. You really have a lot going on in your life now, don't you? It makes me tired just thinking about it.

    Wsit until it cools down before visiting Reno. When you do go be sure to have your son drive you to Lake Tahoe. It is gorgeous.

  8. wow, your random thoughts are like a breath of fresh air----an listen without having to allow for axes to be ground, horns to be blown--hell I bet you post is "non-fattening to boot"?? (just kidding). Nicely worded, perky----and yeah sounds like you live on a high traffic street, who needs that?

    Gary (aka old dude)

  9. Been there, Darlene! I love Tahoe. I doubt I'll go out there anytime soon -- they won't probably settled in for quite a while and I'm not the sort of mother-in-law who likes to intrude -- as if they'd let me.

  10. Gary -- it used to be quiet but lately it's gotten awfully rowdy.

  11. Hi, Kay,
    Yikes! You do have an interesting life. Congrats to the son. Sounds like a wonderful job.

  12. I'm tired of the election hype, too. Let's just vote and be done with it. Congrats on your son's new job. I know you're proud!

  13. It's what he loves, Suzz and a Division I position is what he's wanted for quite a while! Next stop -- a bigger Division
    I school and who knows from there?

    The kid was coaching when he was ten!!!

  14. Played catchup reading some of your earlier posts and now this one. You've been having one partying good time and glad for you. Maybe today's just a let down from it all and you'll be back in the groove again soon.


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