Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Politcians and Infidelity

Ronni Bennett posed this question over at Time Goes By: "Will someone explain to me why John Edwards is being crucified for philandering while an actual presidential candidate has been given a pass for cheating on his crippled wife with an heiress 20 years his junior and then divorcing his wife to marry the heiress who bankrolled his political career?"

In answer to your question, Ronni, McCain's cheating is old news that the press has conveniently forgotten and Edwards' cheating is hot off the press. I think also that the latter tried very hard to present himself as man of honor makes it worse and he thereby set himself up for skewering. I, frankly, have no respect for either. Cheating on one's spouse is dishonorable at the best of times and when the spouse is disabled or terminally ill, it's worse.

Remember back when Adlai Stevenson ran against Ike in the 50s? A lot of people wouldn't vote for him because he was divorced -- and adultery never was never mentioned. In fact, his divorce was not mentioned. I looked very hard to find out what the grounds were for his divorce and the only thing I found was a quiet mention that the former Mrs. Stevenson had a problem with mental illness.

My heart goes out to both the former Mrs. McCain and Elizabeth Edwards. They have been treated badly. Kudos to the latter for not talking to the press. I was tired of such women "standing by their man." A man who cheats is not your man as any woman should know.

We elected a known cheater when we elected Bill Clinton who is ranked #1 on America's Top 53 Political Sex Scandals at They're gonna have to change that to 54 if they decide to add Edwards. Number 18 is Elliott Spitzer -- the latest addition. I wonder where they'll put Edwards. McCain didn't even make the list. I guess his infidelity was as boring as he is.

I sort of giggled that we ordinarily boring Ohioans contributed two politicians to the list: #15, former Congressman Wayne Hays and #53, President Warren G. Harding whose family farm was right in the same town as my great-grandfather's farm.

According to this list, infidelity in high office goes back to President Grover Cleveland who fathered several illegitimate children before rising to the highest office in the land so the precedent is there.

What makes me confused is that the Neocons I know have lined up behind McCain despite that a year ago they were calling him an idiot or worse and his wife a tramp or a (insert a worse word). It's hypocritical as hell in my not so humble opinion. And they're laughing at Edwards? Methinks they should look at their guy and his lady before they laugh too hard.

Then again, I'm finally realizing that in the real world, hypocrisy rules -- usually in the White House or Congress. Sighhhhhhh. And people wonder why I don't like politicians and want to vote NO! for president.

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  1. AMEN! AMEN! I feel the same way, Kay, and you say it so much better than I could!

  2. Actually, philandering by presidents goes back at least as far as Thomas Jefferson. It's an old tradition.

    I don't really care who sleeps with whom. It seems to me that is a personal issue between husbands and wives and I wish it were not part of the vetting process for politicians.

    But as long as it is, punishment should be equally applied. If Edwards' public career is over because of it, so should McCain's be.

  3. Interesting article. I don't have a problem with sexual immorality in presidents. Kennedy obviously was a sexual addict which is more risky because they will have sex with anybody and diseases certainly are out there. I wish the media would now leave Edwards alone but this might be a case for legal questions if he misused his campaign funds to pay his mistress a salary. Even politicians who are married get into trouble with that one. I feel sorry for Edwards' wife and it's possible that he lied about when he told her what he'd done which means she didn't really okay his run for the presidency knowing the whole truth. Sad

  4. While we're on the subject of immoral politicians lets add Newt Gingrich to the mix. Remember when he went ot his wife's hospital room, where she was being treated for cancer, to tell her he was divorcing her to marry his mistress? I find John Edwards and Newt Gingrich's acts more despicable due to the circumstances.

  5. Darlene: McCain's wife was crippled when he divorced her to marry Cindy the heiress. No angels there.


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