Thursday, August 07, 2008

My Favorite Mysteries #3

I know that I've told y'all that I love mysteries and thrillers. Both leave a body wondering, "Whodunit?" or "What's Next?" It's been that way since I was a kid and discovered Nancy Drew in my Christmas stocking. My mother didn't know it but she started a love affair that lasted well over fifty years!!! I wrote about this before in August 2008 twice (and feel free to check them out) but there are so many series I truly enjoy I'm writing another here today and there will probably be more in the future. As I've said often here, I'm a voracious reader.

* Vince Flynn's high tension series has the CIA at it's center with a female director and an engaging operative/assassin who take on bad guys all around the world and even within our government. These timely thrillers are definite page turners.

* Joan Hess has two mystery series both of which are written with her tongue planted firmly in her cheek. My favorite is the one set in Arkansas in the little burg called Maggody. Oft beleaguered Chief of Police, Arlie Hanks, is the central character of a cast that makes the wackos on the old Green Acres television series look normal. Scary? Nope. But you might die laughing.

* James Patterson is one of the most prolific writers around today has several series that consistently make the best seller's list. My favorite is his Alex Cross series -- which has titles taken from nursery rhymes. Patterson is an excellent writer with interesting villains and enough twists to keep the reader guessing. If you saw the film "Kiss the Girls", it was based on a book from this series.

* I'm sure most of y'all have heard of David Baldacci as he almost perennially holds down a spot on the Best Seller's List. His "The Camel Club" series is a new favorite of mine. The members of the club are a motley crew who, with the assistance of a Secret Service agent, uncover all sorts of crimes within our government. So far there are two of these and I'm not so patiently awaiting more.

* Julie Smith's Skip Langdon series also features a lady cop and it's set in New Orleans -- one of my favorite cities -- and she captures it's essence wonderfully. I identify with Skip -- she and I share insecurities -- as she defies her ultra snobby Garden District family in her work as an ace policewoman.

I hope y'all check out the links and try an author who strikes your imagination!!! Any of these authors will provide you with a great read!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Happy Reading and Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. I like the Alex Cross series, too, and I'm going to try Vince Flynn. I do love a good mystery/thriller, but not S. King.

  2. May I recommend the short stories by Roald dahl, e.g. Kiss,Kiss?

    But if you like crime stories and the humorous idiosyncracies of the old British justice system, I can recommend all of the 'Rumpole' books. Get the 3 Omnibus editions.

  3. I have read nearly everything that Patterson and Balducci have written. The Cross series is my favorite too! Balducci used to be a member of a law firm that my daughter also worked for, so I am the proud owner of 2 autographed books!

  4. I love P. D. James for good British mysteries. I also love James Patterson and John Grisham.

  5. I love good mysteries also. Favorites include Elizabeth Peters' Jacqueline Kirby series, Monica Ferris' Crewel World series, Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme series, Jane Haddam's Gregor Demarkian series, and Kathy Reichs Temperance Brennan series. Of course there are the authors who are no longer around to delight us with new entries like Ellis Peters (Brother Cadfael), Dorothy Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey), Kienzel's Father Koestler, and more I can't pull out of my fuzzy mind at the moment.

  6. I too love James Patterson and David Balducci and I am now so jealous of Kenju and her autographed books!!! Kay, you mentioned some I have not read, but you can be sure I'll put them on my list. Also, I only discovered Harlan Coben two years ago and he is among my very favorites. He has a Myron Bolitar series and Myron is a YooHoo drinking, funny, funny crime solver.

  7. Kay
    What about Sue Grafton?
    Have you read her mystery books?
    They are a nice quick read for a lazy Saturday afternoon on the patio.

    Bear((( )))

  8. Betty -- let me know what you think of Vince. I don't read Stephen King either.

    Stu: I prefer novels
    and I love Rumpole -- both the books and the BBC series!!! My kids liked the program, too, and my son took to calling me, "She who must be obeyed."

    Darlene: P.D. James is excellent and everybody loves Grisham -- what's not to like?

    Judy: Annie and I are soooooo green with envy!!!!!!!!

    Mary: Thanks for some new authors to try -- I can always use a new addiction. I love the Rhyme series and enjoy Elizabeth Peters and it pains me that there won't be anymore Fr. Koesler or Lord Peter books.

    Annie: Myron sounds fun! I'm adding him to the list.

    Bear: yeah, I'ved been addicted to her for a couple decades and she was one of the auhors I wrote about last year.

  9. I've been a "whodonit" fan for a number of years now---and have just recently discoverd the author James Patterson, (also about the same time as I started blogging by co-incidence), I mention that as on my sidebar have started a list of books I have read----and I am working through the works of James patterson these last 90 days. I will be going to the Library today or maybe tomorrow to restock my whodonit reading material, so have read your readers suggestions and made up a shopping list---(lol).

    Gary (aka old dude)

  10. Cool, Gary!!! That's what my post was intended to do. My work is done! If you look in my archives for August 2007, there are more of my fav reads.

  11. Tony Hillerman -- one of my favorites.

  12. One of mine, too, Chris!!!


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