Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy Saturday Random Thoughts

It's Saturday and I am a very busy girl! I'm doing some wayyyyyyy overdue housework -- yuck! I promised myself that I will not leave until this place sparkles. Work is keeping me busy, too, and lots of other social and civic commitments. I'm hoping I can get away for a few days before the snow flies. Autumn is really my favorite time to travel so I hope it all works out.

* The Tribe lost tonight but it wasn't a drubbing. We had a good time and I got a cute bobblehead doll and, as always, the post game fireworks were awesome. I am not a fairweather fan like so many in NE Ohio. I love my Tribe, my Cavs, and my Browns win, lose, or draw and I'm gonna be good and not cast denigrating remarks at the damn fools who defected to the dreaded Steelers in the dark days.

* Obama has been nominated more easily than expected. Points to Hillary for standing up for him even if she probably doesn't mean it. I think somebody probably pounded it into her head that splitting the party would be playing into the Republicans' hand. I think Biden was a good choice for his running mate -- his foreign policy knowledge should be valuable. Barack gave a good speech and I'll be interested to hear more. I want steak -- not sizzle.

* Next week it's McCain's turn to tell us how he's going make our lives better. I wonder what Karl Rove has cooked up for him. And who in the hell is his running mate? Just guessing but I'm guessing that she's a G.O.P. talking head.

* And yeah, I still wanna vote NO! for president.

* Recommendation: I just finished CNN commentator Jack Cafferty's book, It's Getting Ugly Out There. Read it. I like Jack. He is an Equal Opportunity Annoyer. I watch The Cafferty Files if I'm home and he impresses me -- he doesn't discriminate and will make shish kabob out of anyone of any party, faith or color who he thinks is wrong. I also like his sorta snarky sense of humor.

* Alice of My Wintersong is taking a break from blogging. I will miss her but I empathize. I've thought of that, too, of late but can't make up my mind. The good news is she's still sending me groaners!!!! I was worried that I'd be losing a great contributor to The Friday Groaner.

* My OSU Buckeyes are kicking off their season at the 'Shoe at noon so here's a video featuring The Best Damn Band in the Land's pregame show. Sure wish I could be there! I'll be keeping an eye on the game as I go about my chores.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Does it sparkle yet?

    Next, come here and make mine sparkle too! LOL

  2. I have been leaning toward Obama for a long time. "The Audacity of Hope" is such an awesome read, and thee is "steak" in there. McCain's choice of Sarah Plain, whom I respect as a mother, is scary. She has zero foreign policy experience. I'm stopping by Obama headquarters today to pick up my yard sign. Wish me luck: My neighbors are leaders in the Republican party!

  3. Sara Palin, mother of 5, any women who can raise five kids AND get involved in local politics has my vote. She has as much foreign policy experience as Obama, so that issue is kinda a non-starter argument---and she has more of hands on get the job done track record than Obama---who has spent only a year and a half running for president---which makes ya wonder what he does for those he represents in the senate---has he EVER worked a 9 to 5 job? Sorry didn't mean to rant (I should be doing some house keeping and need the excuse (lol)

  4. Well, Gary, she certainly has the Conservative right wingers in a delighted tizzy. I for one find her lack of experience to be more than Obama's and her views on abortion, gay rights, and her strong belief in creativism instead of evolution not to my way of thinking.

    However, I liked the idea that you are ranting (shouldn't we all enjoy this wonderful right of free speech) instead of doing housework. That is until I realized I am procrastinating and not getting my housework done. LOL

  5. Alice of Wintersong is taking a break. And I read about it here! Actually, I was pulled back a little earlier than I expected by Mrs. Hughes (you remember the comedienne?). She was going to be on the MSc labor day telethon with Jerry Lewis and I wanted to let any fans know just in case. So I'm already back but just not posting every day. Just too much. I hope you'll visit when you have time, which none of us has enough of!!
    I'll keep sending jokes as I find them, as long as I can remember to write them down before I forget. I have one floating around in my brain right now that I heard at a lecture and darned if I can remember! But when I do, you'll know. I'm just catching up on all your posts. Just want to say don't forget to take time to smell the flowers.

  6. I am seriously red-faced!!! I apologize for my uncorrect statement. However, you did mention it on your blog. I should remember that it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.
    Mea culpa!


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