Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Downtown -- Where It's Happenin'

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This is the Central Plaza of our city. This photo was taken on a Sunday when no one is downtown. (If y'all click on it it grows!) It spans two blocks where the main streets -- North/South, East/West -- of our city intersect. In the summer there are fountains that make it prettier and it's not uncommon to see a few inner city kids playing in them on hot summer days -- even though they're not really supposed to do so.

And it's not uncommon to see a tired secretary kick off her heels to cool her tired feet! At lunch time the tables are full of office workers enjoying their lunch alfresco. And elders from the nearby high rises find it a welcome place to chat and watch the world go by. In winter, it's decorated for Christmas with a huge tree.

Our previous mayor encouraged civic and cultural organizations to come downtown and hold events and our new mayor has continued what she started. (Frankly, had he tried to stop it, the outrage would have sent him packing!) The arts community has filled a lot of the once-empty storefronts with galleries and there is art on almost every corner and they hold a First Friday celebration where they showcase themselves and area musicians. I've told y'all about the blues festivals and other genres of music have also been featured.

I hope some of the visitors this week manage to take advantage of the First Friday celebration. My friends and I will be there for sure!!!!!

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  1. Kay, was this once a road? So many cities (including Vienna) have made pedestrian walk ways by closing off roads and it really adds to the ambiance of a downtown. I wish our city would do that.

    i don't think a plaza in Tucson would be without people even if the temperature were over 100*. It must be nice to have such a peaceful atmosphere.

  2. Actually it sits between the north and southbound lanes of Market Avenue.

  3. That is a wonderful idea to bring life back to a downtown area.
    Our downtown looks so bleak with so many store fronts empty.

    Bear((( )))

  4. That looks like a good place for a walk.

    Darlene, many cities that made "malls" out of their main streets have ended up tearing them up and reinstating car traffic. Business dried up when the malls were built.

  5. its nice to see older cities and towns rediscover their centers. Usually at a Cities "heart" one will find its culture on display, art, music, theatre etc. Fountains, restaurants, and interesting stores ---Now if LA just had a heart----(sigh)

    Gary (aka Old dude)

  6. This looks really great! It's been a long time since I've seen Cincinnati. (Is it Cinci? I thought I remembered that somehow?) Used to drive through there a lot on our way to Florida. I took my daughter to basketball camp one summer too. Are they doing anything with the riverfront?

  7. It's Canton, Alice! And we're an hour south of Cleveland.


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