Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Day Off

I've been a very busy girl since I got home from Motown -- all sorts of stuff requiring my attention in addition to that work thang that hangs us all up now and again. Yesterday was a day off for me but not much fun. Some issues have arisen with a group of which I am an officer. Don't ya just love people who make their own rules without consulting anyone else? The word 'resignation' is inching toward the forefront of my alleged mind.

* Is anyone else as annoyed with Election 2008 as I am? I can no longer read the newspaper. I am sick and tired of all the mud-slinging and kvetching among the presidential candidates. Wake me when it's over.

* This past Friday my good friend Marcia asked me to go with her to a musical revue at a local dinner theater where her cousin is artistic director. We ate dinner at a fav Italian restaurant before going to the theater. The show was a salute to the USO and was really fun. My favorite act was a one of the best renditions of Abbott and Costello's classic "Who's on First?" performed by . . . ta da . . . two women. What a hoot!!!!!

* I tripped across some anti-war bumper stickers the other day. I liked this one best 'cause it made me giggle: "The last time anyone talked to a Bush, they wandered in the desert for forty years." Come on, you Bush folks! You know you're grinning!!!!

* Winston asked for a review on the
EeePC and there's one I liked here. Since I'm no techie, all I can tell you is that I found it pretty cool and that I like it. Linux is really quite easy to use and there are a multitude of programs for it available -- all free. What a concept!!!! Other companies are coming out with UMPCs, too, and I'm hoping to spend my Economic Stimulus check on one. All are relatively inexpensive (around $399) and the idea that I can take my work with me is pretty appealing. Working on my book or my blog out in the park or just sitting on my front porch on a glorious day like today (if I ever get a table for it again -- sigh) would be so much fun!!!!

* Just before I left on my trip to Motown, I stopped at the post office to get stamps and ran into Buffy who was my physical therapist when the dreaded stroke occurred. I hadn't seen her in an eon and we agreed that we need to get together soon. Great stuff!!!!! She still looks about twelve except her long black hair is now tinged with grey!!!! That left me shocked until I thought about it and realized that she's now in her fifties!!!!

* I had offered to go over to Marcia's and help her clean their pool yesterday and she said no so instead I took her and hubby Mike dinner Sunday night because I knew she'd be too exhausted to cook. She was delighted and greatly appreciated it!!! I take care of the people who take care of me.

* R&B legend Bo Diddley died Monday at the age of seventy-nine at his home in Florida. In the past year he had suffered both a stroke and a heart attack. He was still touring until he became ill. He set a standard for many of music's great guitarists, e.g. Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton. He was a favorite of mine and I'm sure many who stop here turned a '45 or two to chalk listening to him. Here's a fairly recent video I found on YouTube. You will be missed, Bo, but I'm sure God has a place for you center stage!!! Your legacy will remain in our hearts!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!


P.S. Tomorrow another installment of "How I got to be Me" will appear -- Lord willing.


  1. That EeePC looks very interesting.
    And the price is very good.
    I want to show this post to Ted E and maybe he will decide that we *need* one.

    (and I think the Bush bumper sticker is funny.)

  2. Have you seen the bumper sticker, "I DON'T GIVE A SH*T '08"? That is my feeling exactly.

    I guess Bo Didley performed right up to his death because it hasn't been a year since he put on a show at one of the casinos near us.

    If I believed in heaven and hell, I would have to question guitar players getting in heaven becaue of their talent and overlooking their lifestyles. Eric maybe, but Mick and Bo? Hum?

  3. Bear -- Tell Ted E. to wait -- there are others coming out that y'all might like better that are a tad bigger and have a few more features. That's what I'm doing.

    Annie --

    I not only believe in a loving and forgiving God -- I rely on it.

  4. Love that Bush bumper sticker -- let's hope we don't end up with 4 more years of "McSame" after November!!!

    Looking forward to your next installment -- its been really inspirational to read about your struggles and successes!

  5. I’m new to the blogging thing and I have come to the conclusion I am already addicted to this wonderful thing. So I am jumping around checking out other peoples pages and I came across your. And I love your blog. I would love to come and visit again and read more.
    Please stop in and check out mine as I said I am new at this and I hope everyone enjoys it. I have met so many wonderful people her already that has welcomed me into this wonderful family of blogging.


  6. I wanted to see Bo, but it said the bvideo is no longer available. Pooh! I was going to write about him too. We saw him live at a club in Norfolk back in the 60's - and it was great!!

  7. I saw Bo about ten years ago when he was in town. I said "hi," and he waved and said "hello." Cool.

    I saw a bumper sticker a while back that read, "I need a florist to send a Bush to Iraq." Love it!

  8. Oh Kay, don't misunderstand my previous comment. I too believe in and rely on a loving and forgiving God:-)

  9. I think we have to believe that because ain't none of us without sin unless you count my mother who swears she's never done anything wrong. (uh-huh) What I like best about Bo and Mick, etc. is that they've used the gift God gave them well and long. Fame and fortune is heady stuff and not everyone manages it well -- especially in their youth.

    Fortunately, I've never had that problem and most likely, never will.

  10. Glad to read about the info on the
    EeePC. Thanks.


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