Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Signs of Summer

My wonderfully creative, good friend, Fran, over at Sacred Ordinary issued a challenge that I couldn't resist: how do you know that summer is here? She came up with a lovely list -- go look! I hope I can at least come up with something fun.

How the Kay Knows It's Summer:

1. My ceiling fans are running all night instead of my furnace.

2. Big pots of red and white petunias smile at me when I walk out on my front porch.

3. The sound of a basketball hitting the backboard as Endless Hoops continues.

4. The hippy-dippy mailman is wearing shorts.

5. Two words: Road trips -- around the area and beyond! (Amish Country and the Cleveland Zoo are topping the list!)

6. Sandals instead of socks and mittens!!!

7. Blankets stashed in the wicker chest.

8. Sunscreen instead of Vicks Vaporub.

9. Woody's Root Beer Stand with carhops is open! (Try the Boston Cooler!)

10. The fountains on the Central Plaza are turned on and the kids are playing in them!

Thanks, Fran, for enticing me to count my blessings on a day when I was feeling kind of morose!!!! I really needed this!

AND I'm passing Fran's challenge on to all y'all!!!! Let me know if you take it!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. Those are great ones, Kay! Thanks for the plug. By the way, have you been affected at all by the midwest storms? I'll read down in your blog and see if you've mentioned that.

  2. I should try my hand at a list. You know it gets unbearably hot here on the desert. When you mentioned leaving the ceiling fans on at night, I had to smile. Here we leave the fans and the air-conditioning on!

    And I have not seen a drive-in with car-hops since at least 1960. Wish they would come back in style. I hate driving up to that speaker that doesn't work and then to the window that is too high to get my root beer and hamburger.

  3. I saw this challenge at Fran's yesterday, but I didn't do it. I had a horrible headache last night and still do from all the smoke that has invaded our area. I can read, but not think!

  4. My favourite from your list is #6
    Sandals instead of socks and mittens!!!


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