Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cranky Tuesday Thoughts

We're having a heat wave in Ohio -- I wanted warm weather but the 90s is a bit much! The Kay still has a nasty cold and has been spending most of her time sleeping. Not good. I missed the blues festival and my friend Marcia's birthday. (Do I feel guilty? Damn right!) Yeah, I should prolly see the doc but they'd prolly tell me they can't get me in for a month. Once I figure out all this Medicare stuff, I'm gonna see if I can change doctors. I worked today and was horrendously busy with projects, phone calls and visitors from the start to my boss mercifully saying, "I'm exhausted and think you are, too. Let's get out of here!" LOL Whatta a guy!!!!!

* Saturday night I was awakened by an idiot at 3 AM playing rap music at top volume on his mega-loud car stereo that rattles my windows. As I lay trying to get back to sleep, I counted seven more such idiots doing the same damn thing -- in a 15-minute period! We do have a noise ordinance against this in our city but it doesn't appear to be enforced. I asked the head of community policing if I could shoot them. He said that I can't. They have rights. Where are mine? Does their love of noise supersede my right to peace and quiet? I want to know where these people live. I'll go over with a bullhorn and serenade them at 6 a.m. And if y'all knew how badly I sing, you would consider that a vicious threat or cruel and unusual punishment.

* This week is started out in a less than stellar fashion with an extra dose of stress. It's always an adventure in Kay's World. The chairman of a group of which I am an officer decided not to turn over the check for our grant to our treasurer because of a personality conflict between them: the latter expects responsibility with funds and resented some public comments made about how we did things last year as did the rest of us. Some serious phone time was in order and a meeting was called. Thanks to our vice chair's diplomacy, the matter was resolved--for now--but not without some hollering and accusations. Those of us over fifty understood the words that gave me pause on this: possible culpability, malfeasance and misappropriation. I dug in and insisted that we keep our treasurer as she is a meticulous record keeper and well-suited to the position. I attended the emergency board meeting with a letter of resignation in my briefcase which I'm glad I didn't have to use.

* I think I've decided which UMPC I want and I hope it comes out soon. It's the
Acer Aspire and it has pretty much what I want/need with a price tag under $400 (a tad more tha my Economic Stimulus check and I think it's just adorable. Asus, the EeePC folks, have come out with improved versions at $500-600. Other companies are jumping on the UMPC as well but the Aspire has captured my attention -- partially because Acer thumbed their nose at Microsoft's attempt to place restrictions on the UMPC market by insisting that they equip their little machines with Windows products. Y'all can get them with Windows XP or Vista (but not from Acer!) but it will cost an extra hundred bucks and trust me -- a true non-techie -- that Linux is easy to use and there's lots of support for it. I am tired of Microsoft's untested updates that have, more than once, really messed up my computer. I have been attempting for months to get my Hotmail fixed to no avail. I don't call 'em The Evil Empire for nothin'! LOL I'm seriously considering changing my home computers over to Linux eventually.

* Just when I thought Hillary couldn't stoop any lower, she did by merely "suspending" her campaign. Isn't she tired of being Rush Limbaugh's punching bag? I would like to hear the rationale she's using -- it might come in handy sometime. Somehow I think it falls under "I have to keep beating my head against the wall because it feels so good when I stop." Sigh.

* After all my kvetching, here's YouTube's Video of the Year by a vote of it's members! I love the concept as much as I love a good hug!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Thanks for that YouTube video and a big bear hug to you.
    (((( ))))

  2. I hate when a week starts out like that Kay. We've been having that hot, muggy weather here too BTW....YUCK....90's, humid...not for me either. Still I'm out there walking....and wilting.

    I've seen that 'hugs' video. I love it...very cool. Big hugs back to you. Hope your week gets better sweetie....

  3. Yeah, we could all use a lot more expressions of love/caring/hugs. The facilities where I see patients sometimes have a special visiting clown who dispenses hugs to patients, visitors, employees. All seem to enjoy the experience that brings a smile to our faces. I strongly believe simple touch -- a hug, gentle touch to the arm, or on the back, accompanied by eye contact and a smile, brings pleasure and joy to people -- even the grumpiest, sometimes.

  4. Hope the weather out your way has cooled . Thanks for that great video I got a lump in my throat watching it . We need a lot more of free hugs

  5. I love that Hugs Video....I remember the other one where the guy was in a mall...or two or three....It really says so much about our needs and wants to "connect"....
    You've had quite a week, so far, my dear....
    I hope it gets better abd that you have a GREAT Weekend!

  6. You wanna talk heat? It's 10:15 pm in Fort Stockton, Texas, and it's 89 degrees. (The high today was 104.)

  7. Surely do sympathize with the temps and humidity you must be experiencing -- have lived through it in Ohio. We're having triple digit temps here, but thankfully humidity is low. Still, it's enough to make me minimize my outdoor exposure. Thankfully it cools off at night. My fans are at the ready. Fortunately, my AC is now working, though the car must have caught the "AC breakdown virus." Before you know it, Kay, you'll be writing about all the snow and ice.

    Maybe you would want to just continue with your "How I Came To Be Me" story as it flows for you. Then, at some point (even at the end) you could write a piece, or pieces, responding to questions you've received along the way that might not have been answered in your suceeding posts. Just a thought, but expect you'll know what feels right for you.

    Strange...I've noticed my previous two posts here don't give my web name "Joared" despite the fact when I write my comment that's the name it says will appear. I don't wish to use my first name in blogging posts, but don't know how to change it here. (For one thing it won't link to my blog. Suppose it's a Blogger thing.) Hasn't happened anywhere else. -- Just did a "Preview" on this comment and it came up with Joared, so maybe it's been fixed. At least you now know who those other two comments on earlier posts were from if you hadn't figured it out. ;-)


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