Monday, May 05, 2008

Road Trip Music and a Good Read

I received a wonderful birthday gift from The Man this year -- he has a way of knowing what I like and usually surprises me greatly. This year was no exception. I received a really nifty MP3 player!

I have often told y'all that I am not a techie so it took me a bit time to figure out this little goody. I am now truly enjoying it and working on loading it with favorite tunes. I'm getting help with that from a favorite author.

I've mentioned here before that I am a rabid fan of
John Sanford's "Prey" Series and his hero, Lucas Davenport who is a quirky, wealthy, more educated version of "Dirty Harry." These are a great read if you like insidious villains and great ensemble of characters.

Somehow I missed the debut of Broken Prey -- life has a way of interfering with my reading -- which has one of the most amazing plots in the series and had just finished it around my birthday. It has an interesting subplot wherein Lucas' wife has given him an iPod and a gift certificate for one hundred songs for it. Lucas takes this as a challenge to come up The 100 Best Songs of the Rock Era and fiddles with the list throughout the book. The list can be found
here. It's in no particular order "except that, as any intelligent person knows, any decent road trip will start with ZZ Top." Don't tell me what should or shouldn't be on it, it isn't my list.

However, it caught my imagination and the idea of putting together a really good selection for my upcoming road trip is really fun. One thing I definitely agreed with Lucas on was beginning with "that lil' ole band from Texas", ZZ Top -- they are a fav of mine and their sound is great for running down the highways and added a few more from Lucas' list. Since I love all sorts of music I added Willie Nelson's "On the Road Again" -- definitely a road trip kind of tune.

I am opening the floor to suggestions. What do y'all consider your favorite road trip tune? Any genre -- from country to classical is fine!!! I'll look forward to seeing your responses.

And if you like a good mystery, give Lucas a try -- I think you'll enjoy this series!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Hope you have a good road trip. Might as well go now, 'cause from what I hear gas prices are only going to keep going up all this month through Memorial Day and heaven only knows how much longer.

    Ah...Ohio in the Spring!

  2. I love road trips as an excuse to listen to music!! We travel to art shows, and one of the big "to dos" before we leave is to select which CDs go into the van.

    My road trip music includes Peter, Paul & Mary; Josh Groban; musical theatre (especially Wicked, Rag Time and Annie) and Chris Botte....if the DH weren't along it would also include Elton John's Aida, Kathy Mattia, the Mamas and the Papas, Grace Slick,Fleetwood Mac and the Beatles

    eclectic is good!! An MP3 player would be cool too because you can make up your own "play list" of varied things to keep you awake!

    I'll be interested to hear what ends up on your list

  3. I love those books and think I'm half in love with Lucas. I read that book and loooove the "Prey! books.

  4. I'm just back from a good spring road trip. Enjoy yours.

  5. I'm interested in these Prey books. I will have to look them up at the library on my next trip there.

    As far as music goes, I LOVE Abba. For a wonderful variety of all their best, get Mamma Mia. It is a musical based on Abba hits. (see for a sample)
    The other thing I LOVE for road trips is good books on CD. They can be downloaded to the Ipod, and if you have a way to connect it to the radio, so much the better. Nothing keeps me awake like a good mystery. I was on a 12-hour road trip last fall. I delivered a truck to LasVegas and headed back the same day. I brought the 15 CD book called Deception Point by Dan Brown. OHMYGOSH! I never felt sleepy, even though I got home at 3 am.

    Hope you have a happy road trip, sweet Kay. I miss your visiting.


  6. Right now a road trip sounds wonderful. Although we said we would not travel while the puppies were young, I am already getting antsy. Taking out the motor home, with the price of gas today is really not a good idea.

    So since I am staying home, I think I will order a "Prey" Book. The series sounds very interesting.

  7. The song that leads into NPR's Click and Clack, "On the Road Again."

  8. Even though I've been in and around Nashville for over 20 years, I'm not really a country music fan. Except when traveling. Then I like me some movin' on down the road rockabilly, like all the early Alabama stuff, also some of the sing-along kind of stuff like from John Denver, and even some bluegrass. Try the soundtrack from Oh Brother or some Allison Krause.


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