Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snowbound Saturday Random Thoughts

The weather is getting weirder. Snow in March is rare as hens' teeth in Ohio. Usually it's a bit cold and windy and damp but a blizzard? Not very likely. We got six inches of snow yesterday and six more today so far and predictions are that by Sunday night we could have ten to eighteen inches more. Needless to say, the Kay is not amused. The concert I was eagerly anticipating was cancelled. A perfect end to a less than stellar week. I'm hibernating and it isn't by choice. Poor Miss Ruby is a mound of white and my drive way is impassable. Just about everything that can be cancelled is cancelled. Argh!!! I can't wait for Spring.

* The primary and overload in other areas interrupted the this week's installment of How I Got to Be Me and next week I will resume it. It's come down to that I'm going to have to do this part in two installments because it's pretty complex.

* I'm looking at this past week's Democratic primary as a truly unattractive event. Then again, the powermongers will always be with us but I'll never really come to terms with that. I don't understand them. I've got this Mary Poppins kind of ideal that we get along and work together for the common good. Yes I am, at times, naive.

* It's basketball season and I'm cheering on the Buckeyes and the Cleveland Cavaliers! I've had an interest in basketball since I was tiny. My 6'3" daddy played semi-pro when I was small and I remember watching him play. It explains why I'm 5'10" (and shrinking), too. The Buckeyes' big man is 7-foot-tall freshman Kostas Koufos who hails from our fair city and is an alumnus of my and my kids' suburban high school. It's been predicted that he'll be an NBA draft pick in June but word is he wants to get his education first. The Cavs are lead by two NE Ohioans: LeBron James from Akron, just north of us, and Eric Snow who is from here. Both are truly fine young men who are well-known as much for their good works in their communities, particularly children, as they are for their prowess on the court. It does my heart good to see this. The Michael Vicks of this world annoy me greatly.

* If y'all are interested, check out My Damn Channel -- a quirky site with all sorts of weirdness. I particularly like the stuff that Harry Shearer of The Simpsons and Spinal Tap fame does. My favorites are The Silent Debates -- they make about as much sense as the real ones.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sorry for your snow. I was reading about the snow storm and decided to check in with you to see how you are faring. Out here in the west, it is acting like a typical march, fickle.

    hope you find something fun to do as you are stuck inside your home. . .


  2. I'm 5'10" and shrinking too, and my 6'3" hubby played college ball - so we have that in common. We watched the UNC-Duke game last nice and WE WON!!

  3. What?! Blizzard?! Now I know why I live in the South. It only freezes now and then. Stay warm.

  4. Oh Kay, I have been keeping tabs through newspaper articles about all your snow....YIKES, you really got walloped. I've been half expecting to get some of it here in Illinois; but so far we've been lucky. Even Winston got about 4 or 5 inches down there in TN. I hope you're done with the white, fluffy stuff....and I hope we're well done with it too. Hope you have someone to shovel you out...


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