Friday, October 19, 2007

The Friday Groaner!!!!!!

Yay!!!!!!!! It's Friday!!!!!!!! That means we can work on -- and maybe even finish -- the things we didn't get done last weekend! After we let out a good hearty groooooooooaaaaaaannnnnn, that is!!!!!

Today Dr. Stu Savory takes center stage again and contributed something rare: a groaner he created himself!!!!! Not surprisingly, it has a political bent. I got a giggle from it because the ending surprised me! Hope y'all do, too! And stop by his blog -- there's a link to 24 health warning signs we should all give attention.

Here ya go!!!!! And don't forget to sing the punchline!!!!!!!!

So my American friends and I were discussing the Iraq war of unprovoked aggression.

"Those Christian fundamentalists in the White House started a war of unprovoked aggression! They are probably the most bloodthirsty killers in history, 100,000 Iraqi dead you know!"

"Naah. The most bloodthirsty killers in history were the hordes of Genghis Khan's mongols. They swept across Asia to the Middle East in 1206 AD, pillaging , raping, and bloodletting. The villages and market squares were KNEE DEEP in bodies, blood and gore as Genghis Khan combed the countryside for enemies."

"Yes but the American fundamentalists approved of and still encourage that sort of gory bloodletting rampage. In fact, during their civil war, one of them even wrote a hymn about Genghis Khan!"

"Oh come on, I've never heard of THAT! How does the hymn go then?"

"My knees have been so gory since the combing of the Horde . . ."


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. The combing? Now, let me get this straight.......they fought with combs?

  2. Not during skirmishes, only with light brushes ;-)


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