Friday, September 28, 2007

The Friday Groaner!!!!!!

[Note: The queue for the Friday groaner is quite short. Please
send me your favorite groaners so we can keep it going.]

Granny Annie who blogs at Fools Rush In (a sentiment that describes my lifestyle -- lol) sent along this little gem that was her father's favorite! Stop by and visit her when you've time for a potpourri of topics.

Here's a nice grooooaaaaaaannn to end the week!!!!!

A little boy had a pet worm. The worm was named Motor. The boy took his pet with him everywhere. One day Motor disappeared and the boy was very sad. He looked and looked and looked and could not find his his pet. One day the boy was eating an apple and . . . out bored Motor!


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Nancy8:44 AM

    Hi Kay,

    Thanks for your encouragment at the Elder Story Telling Place today. I appreciate your comment.

    Granny Annie, this was a good groaner! Never saw it coming......

  2. Nice groaner there Kay :-)

    I sent you another to the mail address in your sidebar, did you get it it?
    If not mail me so I have the other mail addy please.


  3. Thanks for running my father's favorite groaner. I'll try to think of more. Also thanks for you kind words. it's fun to know you and keep up with your brillance!

  4. Nancy: I meant every word -- you write wonderfully and it's time you joined us with your own blog. Ask Joared -- we nagged her into starting hers!!!! LOL

    Stu: I emailed you about this earlier today. I'm dreadfully slow of late but life intrudes on blogging now and again.

    Annie: You're welcome -- it's a good one and you're welcome to send more -- just use the addy in the sidebar to send it! And you are too kind, my friend! Thank you for your lovely words and contributions here!


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