Thursday, August 09, 2007

Some Days a Girl Shouldn't Get Out of Bed!

Another adventure in the world of Kay. I overslept this morning which is pretty unusual for me -- normally, my noisy neighbors have me up well before my alarm is due to jangle me awake after they've kept me up past my bed time. No problem -- they're getting evicted and maybe I'll have peace until the next set of louts move in upstairs. It was just going to be me and Naz in the office this morning and he is always late -- way late -- and doesn't care if anyone else is either unlike obsessive-compulsive moi. I am living breathing proof that obsessive-compulsive mothers raise obsessive-compulsive children but I'm getting better. I took my time getting ready and made sure I took my meds and got everything I needed together.

I ambled over to the store near my home and bought a newspaper and some bottled water as today promised to be another scorcher. I even had a few minutes to wait for the bus. As I'm standing and waiting , I suddenly feel a sharp pain in the palm of my hand. I look and it's a bee! I brushed it away and examined my hand to see where it stung me and then reached in my tote and grabbed the icy cold water and held it to avoid swelling. Cool, huh? I was thinking that I should have stayed in bed.

The bus came and I hopped on and rode the mile downtown to the stop by my beloved St. John's and said a morning prayer before I did my four block trek to the office. I waved at the nice ladies at Heggy's Chocolates (serious yum) as usual and greeted the Monsignor at St. Pete's as I passed. When I passed the main library, the cute, older cop who does security was there and stopped me to chat -- he's never done that before . I was surprised and sort of grinned to myself as I crossed the street to complete my morning walk. As I passed the nursing home, I waved to the old folks sitting on the terrace in their wheelchairs and headed to the office. Maybe it will be a good day after all.

I talked to the church secretary and picked up our mail and she laughed and told me neither Naz nor anyone else was in our offices. I shrugged, laughed and headed upstairs to my domain and flipped on the A/C and checked the messages on the machine, wrote them down for Jeff, Leo and Naz and delivered them to their offices along with their mail. I made a quick call regarding something near and dear to me and would up furious over bureaucratic stupidity. I should have stayed in bed.

There was a stack of folders on my desk to be added to my latest spreadsheet and I took care of that between phone calls. The Mexican consul is going to be here Saturday and everyone is calling for information. I felt bad because a lot of people failed to register and I had to tell them there was no way we could work them into the schedule. As it is, Saturday is going to be a very long day. Maybe I'll stay in bed.

Naz still hadn't arrived when a huge ugly thunderboomer began about 1 p.m. He finally arrived around two and left to head north an hour later after saying he'd be back before I left for the day. It went on and rained like hell for a good hour before the sun came out to play again. The good news is that things cooled down a bit. I had decided to organize my spreadsheet better and it and the phone occupied me until five when it was time to go home. No Naz, but I left anyway. Home beckons.

As I got to the bus stop, I looked at the sky in the west and it was filled with huge clouds heading rapidly east toward me followed by some pitch black ones. Another thunderboomer! (Expletive deleted) I fumbled in my tote as a huge wind came up and found my umbrella just as it started pouring. The wind kept trying to turn my umbrella inside out and, of course, the bus was late. I was drenched to the skin by the time it arrived. When I got off the bus, the wind had stopped but it was still raining. and I walked the three blocks to my place to the cacophony of tornado alert sirens (expletive deleted) and breathed a sigh of relief and dropped my umbrella on the front porch to dry out. I grabbed the mail (big grin for my paycheck deposit), let myself in, dropped everything and headed for the bathroom and threw all my wet clothes in the shower. I dried off and threw on an old sun dress (I kinda doubt Harrison Ford will be by) and noticed that my computer was off -- obviously, we'd had a power failure due to the storm. That always scares me. I reset my power strips and fired it up and hallelujah! it was okay. I turned on the news and a tornado did touch down. That it wasn't here was a blessing -- thank you, God!

Emily was just by to tell me that she was home after a few days away and her day hadn't gone well. It seems she was waiting for the bus and a young man ran up to her and stole her purse! Why anyone would steal from a person who rides the bus here is beyond me -- in this town, riding the bus is hanging out a sign that you're poor and the majority of us are. The worst part was he got her medication and she had to take care of getting that replaced. It makes me feel less safe in my neighborhood and wish I had a car. Oh well.

I am glad to be home. It wasn't a totally bad day. It wasn't a totally good day. The temperature is down to 72 degrees but will be around 90 degrees again tomorrow. The neighbors are blasting some music. It's going to rain some more but I'm home, I'm safe, I'm dry now, and I made it through another day. Life is good -- not great, but good. I still think I should have stayed in bed.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. What a day you had.

    We had storms and rains here in SE Pennsylvania yesterday, and I had to leave work in a pouring rain. By the time I got home, it had stopped, and we had almost no rain in my neighborhood. And the garden could have used a good soaking.

    I hope your weekend goes well.


  2. I loved this post - very good - and interesting about your day..

    life is good :)

  3. I'm hoping you have a much better weekend Kay....relaxing, fun...healing from days like this one. Big hugs coming at you....((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

  4. I have a cure for bee bites, hornets, wasps, etc.
    This has been used all my life, and of course you don't carry this in your tote, but it is. . .
    you cut it open and rub it on the bite.
    Once my dad got stung from a hornets nest while he was in the tree building a tree house.
    He jumped out of the tree, and ran for the house. Mom rubbed his entire head with onions. Later we counted 30 stings. She missed one and it swelled up, but the rest were just tiny red dots all over his scalp.
    that is my two cents

  5. Meat tenderizer works on stings as well. Again, not something you'd exactly carry in your purse, but good to know if you're home.

    I can't believe you're friend was robbed at the bus stop. Crimney, you'd think standing for a bus would be safe.

    I'm glad you got some rain, okay, not on your head would have been better, but rain is always nice.

    Enjoy your dinner out.


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