Friday, August 24, 2007

How To Write The Great American Novel

During my meanderings on YouTube I learned a lot but the main thing I learned was that there is someone somewhere is making a video about something however mundane or crazy as hell it might be!

Y'all have heard me mumbling about finishing The Great American Novel that is languishing on my hard drive -- right? Well, from surfing YouTube I found out that I'm approaching it all wrong! Click on the screen above and you'll find out How to Write the Great American Novel!

I can handle the drinking part in moderation but I refuse to be caught dead or alive in the suggested attire -- I'll stick with my old nightshirts -- thank you very much! I hope y'all laugh as much as I did!

I was buried with work and other assorted nonsense yesterday so I missed coming by to visit y'all! However, I shall be by later today!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. What fun creating such a quirky video. Well, now we know how to write that novel. Good luck with yours. I think I will drink a little wine and muse about why I am not writing a novel.

  2. Thanks Maria! You will probably write and publish yours before I finish mine! Sad but true.

  3. Well, I'll be darn.....NOW I know why MY great American novel hasn't hit the book stores. Cripe....I've been drinking coffee instead of champagne all these years.
    Off to pop the cork...........
    (This was a hoot...and you're right, there's videos about everything out


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