Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's YouTube Week -- Funny cats!!!!

These cats are soooooooo funny I had to share them with y'all!
Happy Blogging!!!!!!


  1. I love cats, but I can't get the video to load! :(

  2. Great cat moments. I loved the one that stuck to the ceiling. My cat is crazy like that and such a sweetie!

  3. You are definitely on a YouTube tangent....but this was a hoot! Thanks Kay.

  4. Those are wonderful, Kay! I love to laugh, and you made me laugh several times today. Yea!
    I am glad to see you are not drowning in that flood in Ohio. I thought of you immediately when I heard that on the news today.

  5. Annie: the flooding is north and west of me -- so far. Glad I gave you some laughs.

    Joy: I just took the easy way this week. lol Figured I had all these videos and would have a mini film festival this week.

    Scarlet: I really had a hoot watching that and since we've so many cat lovers who hang out here, here it is!

    Steph: Indeed! Let Lynette come and watch it -- she couldn't get it to load.

    Lynette pop over to see Steph -- she got it to load! lol

  6. Hilarious! I had seen a couple of these as short clips, but having them all spiced together is real entertainment. Thanks!


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