Friday, July 20, 2007

You, Too, Can Be an Action Figure!!!!! Only $425

Just when I think they've thought of every weirdo thing they can think of, they think of some new weirdo thing! I found this one at Dave Barry's Blog. Where else? He's made millions finding weird stuff!

Your very own custom-designed action figure of yourself! And only $425 for the first one and a mere $39.95 apiece for additional figures. Instead of being An Army of One, you can be an army of hundreds if you have more money than sense!

reviewing website states:

Yes! Now you can pose dueling Darth Vader, throwing down with the Ninja Turtles or showing GI Joe who is boss. Herobuilders will make a 12″ version of you (90% accurate) that is pose-able, lovable and hug-able. Who wouldn’t love a mini-you?

It works like this: you send in images of yourself and any tattoos or other features you want included. Herobuilders then sends you back a sculpture of your head for approval. On your approval they make a mold and send you action figure from that mold. Nice and easy. Custom clothing, tools, 20 second speaking capabilities and the like are all options. Everything looks to be made in the USA. Want to create an army of “yous”? Additional copies cost just $39.95

The company also makes popular figures; they started with President Bush action hero. There is a Condi Rice makes me laugh.

There ya go! They urge you to order now for Christmas delivery! Right! I'm gonna order action figures at $425.00 each for my three and five-year-old grandsons. I know what kids do with those! I'm betting many of y'all who have kids have stepped on a Star Wars figure on your way to the bathroom in the middle of night and damn near killed yourself, too! That's big ouch! After paying 425 big ones, I'd feel compelled to give it its own room! lol

Then again . . . how 'bout an action figure of the Kay? An Army of Kays even! You know -- Liz Claiborne little black dress, pearls, and Bandolino pumps and a Prada bag hanging from one shoulder and an Uzi draped artfully over the other shoulder. All decked out to give new meaning to the term "power shopping!" Hmmmmmmmm . . . now where do I get the money? LOL

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Use the Uzi to hold up the stores that have the dolls!

    At least this is better than having plastic surgery to look like a doll. There was a story on TV tonight about a woman who wantd to look like Barbie. She's creepy!

  2. Still chuckling...too funny, Kay!
    I think I'll pass on this as Xmas gifts for my grandchildren. Have a feeling good ole GI Joe would be more appealing to them....NOT to mention much

  3. Oh my God, Judy! She should be committed! That is sick!

    My grands won't get them either, Terri. And Kay's Army is but a dream. LOL


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