Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Maybe I Like Cops After All

The past few days have been an adventure and no fun at all! The reign of terror by my neighbors got louder and louder and because of the response I received on Friday, I didn't bother to call the police. Both Saturday and Sunday night were a nightmare punctuated with incredible volume, filthy language and very little sleep for me and I was a mess from it all.

Monday morning I finally got hold of my landlord and told him what had happened and he said he would take care of it and talk to the police. Yeah, yeah, yeah and I've got beach front property in Arizona! I tried to reach the sergeant who the nice lieutenant told me to call but he wasn't available so I headed to my doctor's appointment a total wreck.

The doctor was appalled and in addition to changing and adding to my medications, wanted me to check into the hospital for a few days to get my blood pressure down. I said no. I don't have insurance, can't afford time off, and I hate hospitals so I refused. They asked me if I would to talk to Dr. D. on Tuesday morning. I said okay because I've known him about 30 years, professionally and socially, and he is a wise counselor with whom I share mutual respect and an off the wall sense of humor tempered with common sense.

Monday night I saw two cruisers parked out front but no one talked to me and the police appeared to be upstairs. I was, of course, curious as to what was going on. I tried to get to sleep early but was awakened by the noise upstairs at 2:30 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep because I thought World War III was breaking out.

My appointment with Dr. D. was early so I made my way to the clinic. The first thing he said to me was. "Don't tell me you're fine because you don't look fine." I brought him up to speed with everything contributing to my present state. He wanted to know about the nasty, rude officer because he does work with the police department and told me that the Chief has zero tolerance for the sort of thing that officer did. He opened my file and said he didn't like what they wanted me to take for meds -- too expensive and not what I need. He also said that I just needed to get some decent rest and didn't need to be in the hospital. I said there was no way in hell they were getting me there unless I collapsed anyway. He laughed and so did I. We shook hands and he told me to call if I wanted to talk as always.

I headed to the grocery store picked up a few things I needed and had just trundled them up to my front porch and was taking them in my apartment when two cruisers pulled up from opposite directions -- one patrol car; the other a K-9 unit . I went back outside to see what was going on. The patrol officer pointed and asked me, "Do you know that man?" I walked across my porch to see where he was pointing and looked and saw a man lying in the grass between my place and my next door neighbor's house said, "No!" My upstairs neighbors came out and started talking to the police. I figured out that the guy was the loud-mouthed moron who had kept me awake the past two nights and stayed firmly planted on the porch. When the cop asked for our landlord's name, the dumb slob said, "Dan." and finally noticed that I was on the porch and asked offensively, "What are YOU doing here?" I calmly and coldly said, "I live here." and told the officer I would supply him with Dan's last name and numbers. If her look could kill, I'd be dead.

The police told them to go inside and came and talked to me a few minutes and they took the man away in handcuffs in the cruiser. I went inside and called my landlord to let him know what was happening and that he'd be hearing from the police. He thanked me and made a slightly snide comment about my neighbor not calling him -- after all it was her acquaintance. He said he was going to call and would talk to me later.

I finally got in touch with the sergeant who the lieutenant referred me to and talked to him and he was really nice and very helpful. He told me very sternly that I should never ever be afraid to call the police and if they were nasty, I should call him. He was very helpful and asked to talk to my landlord so I gave him Dan's numbers. He said he wanted to help me get some peace here. We also talked a bit about the force and I let him know of my community involvement and commitment and it turned out that he isn't a youngun' -- he was a rookie back in the day when I used to hang out with the young cops so we had some mutual friends. As I've said here before -- for a medium-sized city, it's a very small town.

I just talked with my landlord and he said no one called him but he called them and they wouldn't give him too much information. Duh? It's his property. Dan is a very nice man but he obviously doesn't know how to get information. I gave him the sergeant's number and that he should tell him to tell the him that he needed information so he can move forward and take whatever action he needs to get things right here.

Now I'm going to see if I can get some sleep. I have to work tomorrow and be perky and fluent when I answer the phone: "Buenos dias, El Centro!" I hope and pray that this stuff gets settled soon and that maybe I can get my life back to it's usual dull roar. I'm too old for this. Sigh.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. I like publishing groaners better! lol


  1. Oh, Kay I am so sorry you are going through all this. With whatever you are going through in your personal life, you don't need this too.

    Not getting a good nights sleep is a bummer, no wonder you are not feeling well.

    If this doesn't straighten out in the near future, is moving an option?

  2. I hope things will settle down now and you can get some sleep and get your BP down to normal!

  3. Life isn't always fair. I just play the hand I'm dealt. I don't want to move -- I just moved last year and can recall that ordeal all too clearly. Hopefully, my landlord will be able to evict these idiots. As to the other stuff I'm leaving out, I'm coming to terms with it. And yeah, I'm hurting but I'm a survivor and have had far worse things happen to me. I'm just taking some time to mourn a bit so I can move on and do some regrouping -- I've proved myself good at that. I'm just tired of having to do it.

  4. Wow, what a story, Kay. I'm so sorry you're going through this and SO needlessly. Sounds like everyone is dropping the ball here...your landlord, the cops, etc.
    So I hope with the culprit taken away in cuffs, things have quieted down for you.


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